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Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza calls out GMA 7 reporter for sensationalizing P80 ‘Jasmine’ rice in Basilan?



Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza called out a GMA 7 reporter on Facebook following her news report on the ‘Jasmine’ rice in Basilan that cost as high as P80?

Sonza pointed out that ordinary Filipinos don’t patronize “Jasmine” rice but go for wagwag and r-10 variety or even the much cheaper alternative.

Sonza remarked that people who buy “Jasmine” rice are the social climber type or wealthy News anchor.

Sonza couldn’t contain his emotion and called the GMA news reporter ‘dumb’, including her news manager and producer.

Sonza ended the post by advising the GMA 7 news anchor to study and do her research so she won’t look like a fool on primetime news TV.

Read Sonza’s short post below.

hoy! reporter ng gma news, kalian man hindi bumibili ng “jasmine rice” na P80.00 per kilo ang ordinaryong pinoy. ang binibili nito ay wagwag o r-10 variety at mas mura pa rito.

mga nagpapakasosyal at mayaman na news anchor nyo lang ang bumibili ng jasmine rice. ang tanga-tanga mo, pati news manager at news producer mo.

mag-aral at manaliksik nga kayo, para hindi kayo magmukhang bobo.

Jay Sonza’s rant on Facebook has opened the floodgates of negative emotion against GMA 7 which can be gleaned from the comments below.

Rodel Lubio correct sir jay… khit kgb s 24 yung premise ng headline n bilyon n dw n nagagastos s byahe n PRRD . hnd b my malisya yun bgo sana nila i highlight ang gastos dapat accomplisment muna s pag punta punta n PRRD s ibang ibang bansa… bwisit kaumay m nga sir Jay Sonza

Kitty Thatsme I tried watching one of the news programs of GMA and true enough, the words “daw” and “diumano” were always used in delivering the news. So that means they were not sure of the news that they were delivering on TV? If that is the case, then that is tantamount to listening to a gossip.

Donna Marco Villarino Haha nag reresearch b cla or nagse survey basta n lang makabalita

Mellindrez More Jayerson tumpak 100% boss sa bundok nga isang bisis sa isang araw kumain nang rice kalimitan mais at kamoting kahoy kamoting bagin ang pag kain 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Nonoy Mallo Agree!-Just so to have reference of the price . It’s really a distorted mind repoting a distorted news! Hindi na nahiya! These people will burn in hell for this deception. Media is a powerful tool. If left in the hands,such as these reporters will cause unnecessary ,anxiety and panic. No government agency to call their attention?

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