Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza calls this PNoy legacy one of his best? Find out here!

In one of his Facebook posts, retired broadcaster and political commentator on FB, praised Pnoy for what he did to ABS-CBN.

Sonza wrote: One of the best things Pres. Noynoy Aquino did was his refusal to grant ABS CBN franchise renewal in 2014.

Sonza’s FB status update has been popular among his FB followers, generating 4,200+ reactions, mostly positive, 101 comments and 108 shares in under 1 hour and growing fast.

Netizens shared their sentiments as shown in comments below.

“Yes I agree if he has granted that franchise to ABS CBN even if they Lord it on the air now, it’s never the same having your own station or network and all your stars and newscasters in tact. Being a blocktimer on TV 5 is different, they could amassed billions in income and earning pittance now that no franchise was given. Good job” commented one netizen.

“Yeah at least kahit papanu tumama din nmn cy,i dont care if he passed away coz when i pass away same thing din he dont care. lol” another netizen agreed with Sonza.

“Yan ang pinaka magandang legacy naiwan nya dyan sang ayon tlg ako madami naman kasi talagang anumalya ang lopezessosess” chimed in another.

“Yan lang cgro pinaka maganda nagawa n pnoy, Hindi niya basta basta binigyan ng bagong 25 years n prangkisa ang Bias Cbend..” said another.

“Akala kasi ng mga Lopezes na manalo si Mar Roxas kaya di na nila pinag-aksayahan ng panahon makipagbati kay Pnoy. Malas lang nila si Duterte ang nanalo,” added another netizen.

Meanwhile, some netizens are simply hard to please.

“Best refusal franchise!? But the ABS-CBN still on air exist, in their time. What’s the best of that!?..”

“Pero Tuloy sa ere ang bias network!”

This netizen wondered if Gab Lopez sent his condolences to the family. “Nagpaabot ba ng pakikiramay si Gab Lopez sa mga Aquino? Grabe! Hanggang sa hukay walang patawaran haha Mukhang wala akong nabalitaan. Nagtatanong lang po.”



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