Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza exposes ABS-CBN’s pet PR strategy when caught in embarrassing or humiliating situation

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza exposed ABS-CBN’s tried and tested PR strategy when caught in an embarrassing situation and extricate out of the hole they put themselves into.

Sonza’s case # 1 was Duterte’s paid 2016 political ad that was not aired but while aired the anti-Duterte ad. After 4 years, the network issued a public apology and expect the public will forgive them. “Dahil wala kaming mali sa non-airing ng political ads ni Du30, at inilabas namin iyong kontra banat kay mayor digong, humihingi kami ng paumanhin sa presidente.”

Case #2. Showtime was caught cheating their contestants, to minimize the PR backlash, they decided to award the prize to the contestant to appease the viewing public. “dahil nabuking ang tila dayaan at hindi namin nailagay iyong jackpot na kabuhayan showcase sa it’s showtime, ibibigay na lang namin sa contestant iyong Premyo.”

Case #3. A TV host of one of their public affairs talk program made herself an embarrassment on national TV and , they just delete the videos in YouTube and Facebook to prevent further embarrassment. “dahil masyado na kaming napapahiya sa aming mga katangahan sa aming mga gimik na public affairs talk program, aalisin na namin sa YouTube at facebook ang video.”

Case #4 The humiliation they received after a disgruntled employee holding an important in ABS-CBN Foundation (Jay Sonza) exposed their dirty laundry, ABS-CBN quickly launched a live on TV patrol relief operation for Batangas and raffled off some goodies. “dahil napapahiya kami sa mga nakakabulagang expose’ sa abs-cbn foundation, magsasagawa kami ng live on TV patrol relief operation sa batangas kahit gabi na at may parapol pang kasama.”

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Source: Jay Sonza

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