Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza gives Duterte supporters a heads up: “The opposition will do everything to win the 2022 elections”

Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is once again sounding the alarm bells – the Opposition will do everything at its disposal to return to power by winning the 2022 election at all cost.

The opposition will do everything to win the 2022 elections. They will employ all imaginable tactics, dirty as they may be. They will even throw the kitchen sink if necessary and needed.

Sonza described 2022 as the desperate time for the Opposition and their Oligarch allies who control local media to use their money versus the Duterte supporters who comprise 90% of Filipinos.

It is desperate time for them and their oligarch friends who control the mainstream media to muster their resources against the 90% of the Filipinos who are supporting this administration.

Perhaps speaking from his personal experience, Sonza gave the public an idea what the anti-Duterte will do from hereon until election day.

Araw-araw maglalabas sila ng kung ano-anong mga isyung ikukulapol kay Duterte at kanyang mga opisyal. Gagawin nila ito sa umaga, sa tanghali at sa gabi. Umaasa sila na malalason ang kaisipan ng mga Pilipino bago sumapit ang halalaan sa Mayo.

Why? Sonza reasoned that’s the only way the anti-Duterte can return to Malacanang.

That’s their only chance to get back to power and wealth of the nation.

Jumping on the comment section, one netizen urged netizens to connect the dots regarding the COA head and the frequent premature reports from COA against DOH.

Something fishy. COA head is Michael Aguinaldo who was appointed by Pnoy to head COA. Previously he was Deputy Executive Secretary for Legal Affairs of the Office of the President which is ex Pres. Pnoy Aquino. That explains kung bakit ang ingay at panay submit ng mga premature reports ang COA against DOH. Connect the dots.

To which another netizen replied: aha kaya pala maganda ang report nya kay Madumb Lugaw at ka alyado pala

Meanwhile, some netizens aren’t alarmed by Sonza’s warnings and even showed confidence that Filipinos nowadays are wiser and will not fall for the black propaganda of the Opposition.

Kaso bright na ang mga filipino. Wala nay ma uwat pa nila. Ultimo bata karun bisan nasa lasang naa nay fb maka basa maka witness sa tinuod pang hitabo , maka live coverage pag walay kulang og gi dugang. For short wala na silay Mauto pa. Awww ang mga adik nalang diay og kurakot. Filipinos are more intelligent now. The Opposition can no longer fool the public. Even young children living in the jungle own an FB account to read and witness what is happening around them, they can even go live, without adding or deleting anything. In short, the Opposition can no longer fool any Filipino except the addicts and the corrupt.

In doing so…they just made it worst. Attacking ang painting the Duterte administration will never be fruitful to them. however it’s getting worst. People will hate them more. It would be better if they change their strategy n stop what they’re doing, chimed in another netizen.

Evil will never win their battle against good people. God is with us! commented another.


Source: Jay Sonza

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