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Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza says ABS-CBN does not care about press freedom but MONEY, says franchise needed ONLY for business purposes

The supporters and sympathizers of ABS-CBN and the local media want to make it appear that the non-extension of ABS-CBN’s franchise is an attack of press freedom.

However, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza won’t buy this argument of Duterte critics that the attack on ABS-CBN is an attack of press freedom.

Sonza was a former ABS-CBN executive who resigned from his lucrative job to sympathize with his Mel & Jay co-host Mel Tiangco who was suspended by the network for appearing in a soap commercial. If you want to know about the case, you may click the link here for details. [PhilStar]

Sonza argued that the owners of ABS-CBN emphasized during management meetings that MONEY was the #1 priority and press freedom was simply a lip service.

Sonza went on to break down the business model or operation of ABS-CBN in support of his claim that the network’s main concern is money and not press freedom or public service.

Sonza ended the FB post with a message for the unlearned and morons

“The state franchise is needed ONLY for business purposes, not for press freedom. not for social responsibility. not for democracy.

You may read full FB post below.

What press freedom are you talking about? Let me break it down.

1. abs-cbn is on 24 hours.
2. prime time television is dedicated to entertainment (sex and violence) only.
3. TV patrol running time of one (1) hour is 20 minutes of advertisements/ 10 minutes of police blotter, CCTV monitored, social media trending posts, provincial newsbits/ 5 minutes showbiz tsismis and 5 minutes national and foreign news.
4. Bandila is 10 minutes of commercial/ 10 minutes of national and world news/ 5 minutes of quirks and 5 minutes of interview.
5. Morning show is complete with singing, traffic update, cooking, outing, lifestyle, and showbiz happenings.
6. Then there are the Korean, Chinese and Mexican telenovelas which killed our locally produced programs.
7. Overall, 24 hours and 30 minutes is dedicated programming and commercials or ads placements and segment buy for the sole purpose of making money (business) only.

As the Lopez’s would emphasized in management meetings – the bottom line is MONEY!

8. Only 30 minutes is spent for news
7. Overnight programming is dedicated for shopping galore.

For the unlearned and morons – The state franchise is needed ONLY for business purposes, not for press freedom. not for social responsibility. not for democracy.

One netizen agreed with Sonza’s assertion that press freedom is free and does not require a franchise. “PRESS FREEdom is always FREE-it does not need any franchise.”

Another netizen echoed the commenter above. “ABS-CBN is not for press freedom…it’s purely business…. “

Your comment?

Source: Jay Sonza

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