Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza says journalism profession isn’t for wimps, pretentious and arrogant fo0ls

Just so you know, the NUJP (National Union of Journalist of the Philippine) released an official statement expressing concern that the hat policemen’s unannounced homes visits to some reporters would only make more media workers vulnerable to threats and attacks.

Of course, the NUJP clarified they understand the noble intention of the PNP but they noted lapses in the execution because of lack of coordination.

In that regard, retired broadcaster Jay Sonza cannot help but take a swipe at former colleagues in the news and broadcasting industry.

In a Facebook post, Sonza said that the journalism profession isn’t for cowards, pretentious and full of themselves.

Sonza added that if you are not ready for any eventuality like getting vilified and what not, scratch off journalism profession as an option of your career choice.

Sonza said his secrets how he retired unharmed from the journalism profession are prayers, the truth, staying humble but at the same time security conscious and knowing how to defend himself.

Sonza said journalists who demand from the same government personal security protection while claiming to be the watchdog of government is “kab@liw@n”.

You may now read Jay Sonza’s original FB post.

Ang pagiging mamamahayag ay hindi para sa mga taong walang bayag, mapagkunwari at ubod ng yabang.

If you are not ready to be vilified, maimed or die, choose another profession. Journalism is not for your kind.

Your best protection in the practice of your profession is prayer, the truth, be humble, be security conscious, be smart & be alert at all times, learn self-defense, arm yourself.

You do not claim to be the watchdog of government and at the same time demand from the same government, personal security protection. That’s just crazy. Kabaliwan!


Source: Jay Sonza

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