Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza sounds alarm bell on President Duterte crossing the Rubicon by drawing sword vs Makati business giants

A very worried Jay Sonza sounded the alarm on Facebook after President Duterte has crossed the Rubicon so to speak when he decided to cross swords with the business giants of Makati.

Sonza reminded the public what happened to President Erap after he refused to sign the sovereign guarantee of the Insulares and Penisulares, these Makati-based businesses bought their ways and financed a mutiny that led to Estrada’s ouster and the installation of their chosen pawn.

Sonza said he was not surprised when President Duterte announced his decision in front of the newly promoted men and women of the AFP.

Sonza remarked that President Duterte knew what lies ahead of him.

In his speech during the promotion ceremony, President Duterte recited a litany of abuses of the owners of Maynilad and Manila Water and then the Commander-in-Chief begged his troops not to allow their children and children’s children suffer the same abuses inflicted upon the Filipinos by these blood-sucking business animals or words to that effect.

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One netizen commented that Filipinos now are now woke of what is happening in the country that is why it is hard for the oligarchs to manipulate the government, more so now that we have a President who has shown political will.

Mulat na Ang taong bayan sa katutuhanang nangyayari sa Bansa Kaya hirap nang manipulahin NG mayayaman Ang gobyerno Lalo na mayroong president na malakas Ang political wll..,inisip Ang kapakanan NG mahihirap kaysa sa sariling kaligtasan., Mabuhay ka Du30

Another netizen remarked that President has learned a lot from the mistakes of the past Presidents and now using that learning to his advantage. In addition, President Duterte knows that majority of Filipinos are behind him as shown by his 80% approval rating.

In short Pres Du30 learned a lot from the mistakes of the past Presidents and use it to his advantage. Tapos alam nya na nasa kanya panig ang pilipino kasi 80% naniniwala sa kanya 17% undecided and 3% ay mga salot na dilaw

This netizen urged fellow Duterte supporters to occupy Makati where the offices of these two giants are located to defend and protect the President.

Lets occupy makati where the offices this 2 giants are…defend ang protect our PRESIDENT😍😍😍😍

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Source: Jay Sonza

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