Retired broadcaster makes cringeworthy revelation versus former colleagues in latest FB post

As a retired broadcaster and mediaman, Jay Sonza often asked why our local media are super nega (anti-Duterte).

In a Facebook post, Sonza wrote:

“May mga nagtanong sa akin bakit ganoon na lamang ang pagka- negative (anti-duterte) ng mga nasa mainstream media kay Mayor Digong.”

Sonza clarified though he is not all-knowing and speak about other reasons but said he knows one reason he is very certain.

“I am not sure of the other reasons. But I am certain of one.”

The magic word is economic dislocation on some media men and company.

“PRRD meant economic dislocation on some, if not most of the reporters, writers, producers, anchors & editors of the big newspapers, radio and television.”

In other words, Sonza bared that President Duterte’s rose to power has been a bane to the local media industry.

“Ang daming nawala. Ang daming nabago sa kalakaran sa gobyerno. Ang laking kawalan sa kabuhayang nakasanayan.”

Sonza mentioned the different sources of cash flows of his former colleagues.

“The loss of big-time payola, payroll inclusion, “tara, butas, patong, ekis,” influence peddling, consultancy fees from oligarch and government contractors, PR monies & fringes.”

And many more…

“May nawalang paCondo, paBahay, paSUV, pang cafe de malate, pang-abroad, pang shopping, pang tuition ng anak, pangATM, pangMiyerkules.”

And some more…

“Nawala rin ang pangBiyernes, pangHeartbeat at Pegasus, pangGolfSet & GreenFees, pangShooting Range, pangClassmate, pangAirForceOne aT marami pang iba.”

Sonza ended the brief FB post by summing up the state of his former colleagues in the news and TV industry under the Duterte administration.

“Sa madaling salita…
Patay Na, Gutom Pa.”

Here are some of the comments of netizens.

“I agree, sir jay. But add to it their penchant for scooping, making them look like “gutsy, brave, and death-daring”. Remember what Ces Drilon did in going to the AbuSayyaf lair to get that scoop? These journalists made themselves vulnerable as hostages. So they play the game. And totally became hostage.”

“The loss of influence is another. Media people were so accustomed to a life as gatekeeper of information and exclusive wielder of opinion that having someone “stole” that away from them is unforgivable. Social media does that but they lash away anyway at the object in the spotlight rather than the medium that made it possible.”

‘Mainstream media was like an invincible institutions na kahit sino naka upo sa govt what ever the position is, til now, pag tinira nila luhod… maliban sa isang Bugoy na Probinsyanong Mayor😅.. 1st time nila makatikim ng mura eh😆😂.. when they fired back with all their might, they were shock to know na they had lost their influence to the people,, di nila matanggap yun..”

May mga nagtanong sa akin bakit ganoon na lamang ang pagka- negative (anti-duterte) ng mga nasa mainstream media kay…

Posted by Jay Sonza on Wednesday, February 10, 2021


Source: Jay Sonza

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