Retired General on VP Leni Robredo: This Bicolana is up for adoption. Relieve us from further embarrassment.

I was watching GMA 7’s Unang Hirit this morning and just in time, the segment was President Duterte’s televised update last night.

What caught my attention was the part when mentioned President Duterte two retired Generals whom the President said castigated the Vice President for acting like she was giving orders to the AFP during the typhoon relief and rescue operation.

One name was familiar to me because in the previous blog post, I already featured it here at PTN. I was talking about retired General Alan Luga.

The other retired General was a Orlando E. de Leon of the Philippine Marines.

To make the story short, I did a quick search on Facebook to find out what the retired General exactly said against Leni Robredo that even President Duterte took SPECIAL interest.

Here’s what I uncovered:

To add insult to injury, retired General de Leon is a fellow Bicolano of Robredo.

Basically, General de Leon reposted Gen. Luga’s viral FB post and wrote a caption that says Leni is an embarrassment to Bicolano’s like him that he even joked the VP is up for adoption, if there are any takers.

Please read the original caption of the retired General below if you agree with my own interpretation above.

“Sir Alan Luga, for your information, this bicolana is up for adoption. Are there any takers from other regions? We will provide unli-maintenance. Just relieve us from further embarrassment.”

ICYMI, you may read Gen. Luga’s FB post which President Duterte mentioned in last night’s televised address.


“Ma’am, you are not in the command line. How can you even coordinate and direct as you claimed? Out of courtesy, kung sino man yong kausap mo ma’am, you were being informed what they already planned and intended to do or what NDRRMC have long directed them to do.”

“Please, don’t grab credit by saying to the whole world you coordinated the reason why they acted. Please dont say that. You are insulting the capacity and dedication of our AFP, PNP, PCG, DSWD and all other agencies being controlled by OCD/NDRRMC during times like this. Understand what NDRRMCs mandate and capacity. They know what they are doing.”

(Gen Alan Luga)


Source: Orlando de Leon

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