Retired General’s earnest plea to President Duterte: Support your daughter Sara, instead of fighting her

Retired Air Force General Romeo Poquiz made a last minute appeal to President Duterte as the deadline for the substitution of candidates draw to a close.

In a Facebook post, ret. Gen. Poquiz wasted no time and asked PRRD from the get go to support Sara’s bid for VP. Otherwise, it will not only create a wedge between the father and daughter but PRRD and his avid supporters. In addition, not supporting Sara will reveal his selfish motives to the Duterte supporters, many are now, Gen. Poquiz claimed, are contemplating expressing regret for having supported him.

Ret. Gen. Poquiz reiterated his appeal to President Duterte to add statesmanship and political maturity as his legacy. Otherwise, his other legacies he worked so hard in the last 5 years or more will all be laid to waste.

Ret. Gen. Poquiz’s FB post did not fail to start a debate among his FB followers who have different opinions on the issue.

Political analyst Jose Alejandrino wrote:

Romy, if you think Digong will not support his daughter, then you don’t know Digong. If he decides to run for VP, he has a plan in mind. Pls stop the nonsense talk.

To which the General replied: Jose Alejandrino I stand by my posts, Sorry.

Many netizens share ret. Gen. Poquiz’s sentiment.

Agree Gen. Romy regrets are already in the air… The caregiver should also at least advise the master to stop this move! What a waste!

Enough is enough for President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. He has proven His worth, however, he should take into consideration of her daughter, a candidate for VP. Two opposing blood in the same position is awkward causing confusion and questions in the hearts and minds of the voters. If you cannot manage your family properly how much more the whole nation. BBM and SARA a perfect combination for the benefit of our nation.

Tama po kayo sir…Nakangiti ng palihim ang mga kumakandidato mahahati ang mga boto nila Honorable BBM-SARAH/BONG GO/sir PRRD…. SOLID BBM❤✌/SARAH💚👊 sa 2022, Agila ng Norte at Agila ng Mindanao the best tandem sir🦅🇵🇭.

You may now read Gen. Poquiz open letter below.

Mr President, I pray that you see the light. Support your daughter Sara, instead of fighting her. Doing otherwise will create a wedge so deep not only between the two of you but also between you and us your avid supporters. It will show to us your selfish motives, many are now contemplating expressing regret for having supported you.

On BBM, be assured that he will not take it against you if you will not support him. Your support for your daughter is enough for him.

Mr President, you are in the last few months of your administration. You have shown us what it takes to be a leader of this divided country. Let it not be more divided before you step down. Add statesmanship and political maturity as your legacy. Otherwise, the other many legacies you worked so hard to accomplish will all be forgotten and be laid to waste.


Source: Romeo V. Poquiz

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