Retired journalist says there are “ZERO EJK’s” in the country pursuant to the “De Lima Principle”. Read why!

According to the Yellow-leaning media, there are already 13,000 victims of extra-judicial killings in the country since President Duterte launched his war on drugs campaign.

However, if you’d ask retired TV and radio broadcaster Jay Sonza of the Mel and Jay fame, there are no no EJK victims in the country, if we follow the “Leila de Lima principle”.

Confused? Well, I urge you to read Jay Sonza’s Facebook post below for your reference.


1. extra judicial killing or EJK – by definition of the government as defined by then Justice Secretary Leila de Lima in an official legal opinion: state sponsored killing. meaning ipinag-utos mismo ng gobyerno ang pagpatay.

that is why the answer to the question: are there EJK victims in our country? Pursuant to the “De Lima Principle” or legal opinion – zero or none is the factual answer.

2. summary execution or “salvaging” – killings performed by rogue or scalawag or bugok na police officers, military men or militia or government functionaries to silenced or prevent a person from implicating the suspect in a crime he is possibly involved or he is directly involved.

the answer to the question if there are should be: yes, there a number of them. the suspects must be arrested and put behind bars. if they resist arrest, they should be taken down.

3. “scario” or elimination – the elimination of narco-related personalities by narco syndicate to prevent the victims from plying their trade or from competing with another syndicate or implicating fellow narco personalities in case of arrest by authorities.

this is a reality in all narco-state such as Mexico, Columbia, Panama and the Philippines. i strongly suggest that you watch the movie of the same title to better understand this.

4. war-on-drugs or WOD – a no non-sense campaign against any and all persons involved in the proliferation of illegal substance. sure, there are casualties in war. talagang may mamamatay kapag may giyera. there will always be casualties of war – history tells us thousands upon thousands die in wars.

answer to the question are there deaths under WOD. sure there are aplenty. thousands. and yes, for as long as the war continues, there will be more deaths. it will only stop when the war is over.

that is why it is important for the mouth pieces of the government to play a pro-active or active role in explaining this. their inability to do so only compounds the misunderstanding of the reality.

palagay ko naman nagkakaintindihan na tayo..

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