Retired singer Leah Navarro’s attempt to stir public anger over President Duterte’s no-show while Taal volcano erupts backfires, netizens slam singer over tweet

Former singer-actress Leah Navarro has taken to Twitter to express her disappointment when she noted no uproar over President Duterte’s physical absence during natural disasters like the recent Taal volcano eruption.

Navarro reasoned this was because the rants and rage generated during PNoy’s time were from bots and trolls hired by nefarious characters who used this fake anger to get themselves elected.

Leah Navarro’s tweet did not go unnoticed for long from the supporters of President Duterte like radio host Mark Lopez who wasted no time in alerting fellow Duterte supporters of the singer-actress’ malicious tweet by sharing it on Facebook.

On Facebook, radio host Mark Lopez who was apparently annoyed, told Leah Navarro that there is no uproar because the Duterte administration has been very pro-active and the President likes to work without much fanfare unlike Noynoy, Mar and Leni, Leah Navarro’s idol.

“Leah Navarro, THERE IS NO UPROAR BECAUSE THE DUTERTE ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN PROACTIVELY DOING ITS JOB, at hindi kailangan mag pa cute ang presidente unlike NOYNOY, MAR and LENI na mga idol mo…”

A furious Lopez told Navarro to let this sink in to her very insensitive and idiotic head.

Put that in your very insensitive and idiotic head!

Lopez ended short FB post reminding the retired singer-actress to make good of her word that she is done, signifying her intention to leave the country because she’s fed up with the Duterte administration.

“And totohanin mo yang ‘I’m Done’ mo! Lumayas ka na dito sa Pilipinas para mabawasan ang salot. Leche ka!”

One netizen lectured Leah Navarro that President Duterte does not micro-manage. She wondered if the singer-actress has ever worked or experienced the government systems working before. Because by the looks of it, this just shows how stupid the actress is.

“Has she ever heard of working behind the scenes? She hasn’t experienced the government systems working before ….. that’s why she needed ‘visuals’ or photo ops fr PRRD….. Ms Leah that’s micromanagement……
The President’s men are working round the clock and reports back to the President…. heads will roll if nothing is done from the various departments of the Govt…Tanga tanga mo rin ‘no?”

Another netizen said that a functioning government without President Duterte’s presence is a mark of a good government.

“The mark of a good government: everybody responsible works competently with minimal supervision.”

“May Alter Ego Doctrine tayo. Ang pasya at galaw ng mga sangay ng ehekutibo ay galaw at pasya din ng Pangulo. Por eksampol etong DOH,” another netizen explained.

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