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“Ridiculous!” – Influencer Carlo de Leon on claim most respected and credible institutions recognized Leni’s principled and effective leadership


This is essentially the reaction of an influencer to the graphic quote card passed around Twitter, including former Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista, stating that Leni Robredo is recognized by the most respected and credible institutions in the world for her “principled and effective” leadership.

Influencer Carlo de Leon wasted no time in undermining the claim of Leni’s supporters that she is respected by world’s institution by asking the following questions from the get go of his FB post.

“Most respected? Are you serious? Was there even a survey or research to support this ridiculous claim?”

De Leon argued that credible institutions do not elect our leaders but the Filipinos.

Ergo, claiming Leni is the more popular and what not than any other leaders is useless if they can’t even win an election. Election, de Leon argued, is the real measure of principled and effective leadership, because you need to win the Filipinos’ hearts in order to get their votes.

De Leon ended the brief FB post by telling Leni he is sorry because FIlipinos rejected her to become the country’s leader.

You may now read Carlo de Leon’s original FB post below.

That’s beside the point. Credible institutions all over the world are not Filipinos. The Filipinos elect government officials, not the members of the most respected and credible institutions (whatever that means).

It’s useless to claim that your idol Leni, is more popular, respected, and credible than any other leaders if they can’t win an election. And that’s the real measure of principled and effective leadership, which is winning the electorate’s hearts so they will vote for you.

Sorry Leni, the Filipinos don’t want you to lead the country.


Source: Carlo de Leon

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