Risa Hontiveros draws jeers on Twitter for “#TakeBackDemocracy!” hashtag, netizen tweets back, “#TakeBackPhilhealthFunds 👊🏽”

On July 17, 2018, Senator Risa Hontiveros posted a photo of South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela on Twitter, inscribed with an inspiring message, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Hontiveros posted the Mandela photo a day ahead of the birthday of the late South African leader who ended the apartheid in South Africa after several years of struggle, including 27 years in jail.

True to her form, Hontiveros hijacked Mandela’s birthday by using it as an opportunity to galvanize the youth against the Duterte administration with the hashtag “#TakeBackDemocracy!”

Dear young people, #TakeBackDemocracy!

But to Hontiveros’s dismay, netizens responded with mocking remarks to her “#TakeBackDemocracy!” hashtag. One twitter user even replied with her own derisive hashtag “#TakeBackPhilhealthFunds👊🏽”.

Blogger MJ Reyes slaps Hontiveros with the painful truth that democracy is very much alive, not taken away from citizens as Hontiveros’ tweet implied because her yakking on Twitter is solid proof democracy isn’t dead but very much alive.

Netizen James Mamaril @james_mamaril asked Hontiveros if Duterte had dissolved the both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court for saying “take back democracy”.

Reynaldo M. Juico 🇵🇭 @reyjuico described Hontiveros’ tweet OA and asked, “why take something you already have?” He went on to raise the anomalies of Philhealth which public believed the senator has something to do with it.

Arvie Mabute @arvie_mabute remarked that Hontiveros is the most stupid and dumbest senator, demand Hontiveros to return Philhealth funds and asked why the senator is silent on dengvaxia.

Netizen Mary Chris Cabante @MaricrisDec09 tells Hontiveros to move on and stop crying wolf and democracy is very much alive like what she’s doing on Twitter.

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