Robin Padilla defends Presidential Security Group from Senators Pangilinan, Drilon & Hontiveros re covid vaccine controversy

Actor Robin Padilla was in utter disbelief that those words even came out from the mouths of Senators Pangilinan, Drilon and Hontiveros. For sure, Padilla said they are aware of the protocols when talking about the security of the President.

Padilla reminded the good senators that the job of the Presidential Security Group is to protect the Head of the State because a headless state is a failed state.

Padilla added that the number 1 job of the PSG is to ensure the safety of the President of the Republic from all forms of threats, in times of war, from the attacks of visible and invisible enemies. Meaning, the PSG should not be carriers of a contagious disease, virus or being a threat to the President themselves. Instead of getting criticized, Padilla remarked the PSG deserves our snappy salute or praise because they accept the vaccine in the absence of assurance it is safe and effective or have no side effects for the sake of protecting the President and a working government.

Padilla said it was clear to the PSG members what is their sworn duty, which is no different from offering their bodies as shield from ass@ssins bullets or b0mbs for the life and security of the President.

Padilla argued that the PSG need no approval from the FDA to sacrifice one’s life for duty and country, no different from the soldier’s operation in the b@ttlefield, need not wait for the approval from the Mayor or Governor to launch an attack against the enemies of the State who found refuge in their area of responsibility.

Padilla dismissed innuendo that the vaccines used to inoculate the PSGs came from the black market and definitely not from medical representatives or dealers but via a diplomatic arrangement to protect the President.

Padilla asked if it’s possible to stop criticizing the soldiers and the policemen. He said there are people who are working their butts off to improve the image and the morale of our men in uniform without receiving any salary but for the love of the Armed Forces and the Motherland.

Otherwise, if they don’t have contribution in uplifting the morale of the soldiers and the PNP, Padilla tells critics to shut up and spare them from their politics.

Padilla ended the FB post by leaving critics with some words of advice -before hitting the PSGs and Cabinet members, ask your senate colleagues if they already received vaccines, then they can start hitting your colleagues with their blackmarket drama and why did not follow the DFA.

You may read the statements of the Opposition senator regarding the PSGs getting their covid vaccine shots.

Hindi ako makapaniwala sa mga sinasabi ng mga senador na ito.. sigurado naman ako na batid nila ang protocol pagdating…

Posted by Robin Padilla on Tuesday, December 29, 2020


Source: Robin Padilla

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