Robin Padilla to Director Erik Matti: You love to talk about freedom but you don’t respect the freedom of others

Movie director Erik Matti did not seem please with Toni Gonzaga’s IG post wherein the popular talk show host shared a screengrabbed photo of herself flashing the ‘V’ sign, signifying her support for the BBM-Sara tandem. But the part that made Matti very mad at Toni G was her caption that says, UNBOTHERED.

Toni Gonzaga wrote UNBOTHERED, apparently to send a message to her critics who are calling their fellow Kakampinks to cancel her out.

On Instagram, Erik Matti responded to Toni Gonzaga’s ‘UNBOTHERED’ socmed post, to tell the actress she can support any political candidate whether or not out of affinity, blood or loyalty is between her and her conscience. Matti said Toni can do whatever she want with your celebrity power and God’s guidance because this is a free world, after all. But to be brazen, arrogant and snooty makes all of it despicable, disgusting and really crude.

Erik Matti’s tirade did not escape the radar of senatorial aspirant and the original Bad Boy of the Pinoy movies Robin Padilla who came running to defend Toni Gonzaga from the movie director.

As of this writing, Robin Padilla’s FB post has generated 32,000+ reactions, 5,900 comments and 1,972 shares in just 5 hours and still counting.

You may now read how Robin Padilla gave Erik Matti a good sucker punch to his gut.

Ano ba yun napanood mo na sinasabi mo Erik matti
Baka propaganda ang ibig mo sabihin
nakikisawsaw ka pa sa pagbanat kay TONI G
Kung May karapatan ka sumuporta sa kandidato mo May karapatan din si TONI G
Hindi ka naman pinakikialaman ng Tao sa sinusuportahan mo
Pa inglis inglis ka pa
Artistic at Political freedom niya yun kung sino ang gusto niya suportahan
You love to talk about freedom but you don’t respect the freedom of others
Director ka diba
kasama sa pinag aralan mo ang pag alam sa two sides ng istorya
Anong makuha mo in Bullying a woman?

Link to Erik Matti’s IG post here.


Source: Robin Padilla

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