How Robles got owned by DU30 supporters after the “stand beside Duterte when the killing starts” statement

It appears the viral post telling Duterte supporters to “stand beside him as blood starts flowing” has generated hostile responses from Duterte supporters.

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In a Facebook post, Atty. Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot, the human rights lawyer and environmentalist twits Raissa Robles for what she termed as “cuss speech!”

It can be recalled that journalist and blogger Raissa Robles posted the childish statement a few days ago; she addressed it to the Duterte supporters telling them to prepare themselves to live with guilt when the killing starts under a Duterte presidency.

To all those backing Duterte, just remember, when the killings start, you should be beside him. All the way. Even after the river of blood overflows. Stand by him and tell yourself, you helped the blood flow. You are very much a part of it. Don’t wash your hands off it. Be proud of what you’ve done.

You may read now how Raissa Robles get owned by Atty. Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot via her well-crafted response.


Ms Robles, this is most foul.
We did not blame you for Tanim Bala.
We did not blame you for Kidapawan.
We did not blame you for the Lumad and other indigenous leaders killed by state security forces because the IPs opposed mining in their domains.
We did not blame you for Mamasapano.
We did not blame you for the dead tourists in Luneta Park.
We did not blame you for the buried food aids for Yolanda victims.
We did not blame you for the MRT fiasco.
We know you are part of the Yellow Army, a dedicated one. But we will never blame you for all its mistakes, unless you defend them or enable their sins.

I am voting for Rody Digong Duterte. And know what? We will not stand by when killings start, just as we opposed EJKs during Arroyo’s and this Yellow Army’s regimes.

Did I hear you ever condemn the Mamasapano Massacre or Kidawapan? Did I hear you condemn the killing of environmental activists?

And yes, I, too, was a TOSP Awardee. And I love my Motherland. This love pushed me to go for Duterte. As a TOSP Awardee, I realize my education was never meant to preserve a decadent status quo. As a TOSP Awardee, I do not share what the quoted TOSP awardee below said: that standing by a person means condoning his/her sins. As TOSP Awardee, I must say no when I must.

Below are some of the hostile responses from netizens.

Eva Aranas-Angel wrote;

Ouch, somebody got owned! Whatever happened to Raissa Robles? She was with PCIJ and VERA Files. She mutated- just like that!

Mariel Calub Chavez wrote:

She is backing up her candidate but not the blood flow they created.

Emman Asuncion wrote:

Dont waste your time with robles…she and her husband are paid yellow zombie.

Eva Aranas-Angel wrote:

Chyt, she knows. She’s been beaten into a pulp by Duterte supporters for her partiality.
I didn’t even realize she switched jobs- from a journalist to a propagandist. But she seems to have immersed herself so well into the culture of indiference and insensitivity that defines the six years of the Aquino government.

It was just like another day in the office for her. Nothing from her. Nada. She’s just like Noynoy, except for the cough.

The money must be good.

What can you say about the post?

SOURCE: Cheryl L. Daytec-Yañgot


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