Robredo says Naga achieved a low crime rate sans resorting Duterte tactics; PNP Bicol says otherwise

In an interview with Philstar reporters, Leni Robredo fired the opening salvo at Mayor Duterte even before the election campaign period officially starts and downplayed the achievements of the latter in Davao City by claiming that Naga City has achieved peace and order and other things without using an iron-hand tactics.

The statement is obviously a jab directed at Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City, who is known for being hard on criminals operating in his turf.

Critics say Duterte even employs extra-judicial killings to silence criminals who dare to challenge his authority in Davao City but the Mayor neither confirm nor deny accusation from detractors.

According to Leni Robredo, Naga developed a collaborative constituency by including the people in all aspects of governance. She further stressed that the change in mindset happened because the people realized they were no longer beneficiaries but rather partners in development.

Furthermore, Robredo said that Naga City achieved stability in the peace and order situation comparable to that of Davao City by organizing ordinary citizens into an active participant in crime prevention and maintenance at the barangay level without even being armed.

If indeed Naga City has achieved a culture of discipline among its constituents, especially in crime-fighting employing its citizens, there is a lingering question why Naga City is being tagged by PNP Bicol as the city with highest crime index in all of Bicolandia in 2015?

Naga highest crime rate in Bicol region 2015

Naga City highest crime rate in the Bicol region in 2015

In fairness, Police chief PSS Narciso Domingo admitted Naga’s high index crime volume, but quickly defended it as crimes against property such as shoplifting, thief, robbery, physical injuries, and motorcycle accidents.

You may check out the interview of Leni Robredo now.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is a favorite among reporters following him because he is not shy to comment on issues thrown at him. In fact, he does not fail to dish one-liners that captivates his audience.

You may check out video now below. However, you may skip the earlier part, since his reply to Leni Robredo is towards the end part of the video.

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Source: Bicol Today

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