Robredo sister’s tweets poking fun at Duterte backfires; netizens, Robredo supporter join forces to rebuke sisters

Socmed influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes could’t help but react at the banter of the Robredo sisters on Twitter poking fun at President Duterte.

Reyes was apparently appalled at the tweets of the Robredo sisters and wasted no time to make the internet know what she thinks by going to Facebook.

On Facebook. Reyes wrote:

“Ouch! Ang harsh! But really, Tricia & Aika, it’s a shame! You 2 make me sick! Sa tindi ng problemang kinakaharap ng marami sa kababayan natin ngayon, abala kayo sa mga walang kwentang tirada sa Twitter.DISGUSTING.”

Netizens who read Reyes’ post also joined the fray to express their mind at the tweets of Robredo sisters making fun of President Duterte.

Netizen # 1 found the tweets of the Robredo sisters disgusting for making jokes when there is so much sufferings among our people. “So much tragedy around us. People dying, people are hungry, people getting sick, children at risk of disease, the aged helpless. And these shameless kids of their shameless FVP find humor in all these suffering. Sleep well in your beds tonight and don’t think about the unfortunate and unprivileged victims. Bukas, may masarap kayong breakfast sa mga air conditioned ninyong bahay. Mga Putangina kayong lahat.”

Netizen #2 commented that the behavior of the Robredo sisters is a reflection of how their parents raised them. “The children reflects how the parents raised them…”

Netizen #3 echoed the sentiment of netizen #2. “The fruits don’t fall far from the tree. Manang mana sa nanay!”

Netizen #4 called the Robredo sisters heartless. “I can describe them as .Heartless, it’s okay to share political opinion and political views, but in times like this, they should use their common sense and set aside political views for the meantime”

Netizen #5 urged netizen to reflect what Harvard education did to one of the Robredo sisters. “See what Harvard education taught her. Feeling self entitled. Truly they personify shameless fruit from a bad rotten tree”

Netizen #6 joked that actually they were talking about their mother. “Mam, actually, ang pinag uusapan nila ung nanay nila. Tulog pa gutom na sila. Mga walang galang na anak 😆

Meanwhile, the most painful remark actually came from a supporter of the mom of the Robredo’s who minces no words in calling out the sisters for their behavior.

@DearKume tweeted:

“I totally support your Mom and and I had the most respect for your Dad. it’s so unfortunate na nagkaanak sila ng mga tarantada. Shame”


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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