Robredo’s “the government should validate first” statement boomerangs, lawyer, netizens resurrect Robredo’s video to UN about EJK

For telling the PRRD government to validate first any information released to the public, Leni Robredo’s statement boomeranged on her face.

Robredo was commenting on the matrix released by Malacanang recently implicating news media organizations like Vera Files, PCIJ and Rappler in the “Oust Duterte” plot.

In News 5 article titled, “NO EXPLANATION | Robredo on ‘Oust-Duterte’ matrix: Verify first before releasing info”, Robredo made the remarked while talking to reporters during her visit to Marawi.

“Sana hindi naglalabas ng mga ganito na hindi pa validated, kasi maraming mga reputation ng mga tao ang madadamay.”

Lawyer Bruce Rivera, a PRRD defender on social media did not waste his time and reprimanded Robredo on social media for having the audacity to tell Duterte to validate when in fact she’s not innocent either.

Rivera reminded the pubic and Robredo in particular the video she sent to the UN claiming 20K plus people were killed (extra-judicial killing) in Duterte’s war on drugs campaign without proper validation.

Rivera’s sentiment has been echoed by his Facebook followers as shown in the comments below.

One Fornolles Alvin commented the since Leni Robredo knows the word validate, why didn’t she validated the 20K ejk statement she said in the video to the UN?

Alam pala ni LENI ang salitang verify at validate kagaling ah eh yung 20k ejk at palit ulo mng dialogue sa video mo did you verify and validate it???? what a shame

Leni Robredo


Si Val, si Val, Si Validate. Ang galing mong maka-dialogue ng validate. Saan ba namin natutunan ang bad habit na yan. Di ba ikaw ang pasimuno. Nagpadala ka ng speech sa UN na sinabi mong 20k plus ang namatay sa EJK nung time na wala pang proper figures. Ikaw ba ay nagvalidate din? Hindi di ba?

Kaya, tahan na. Ipikit ang mata tapos sampalin ang sarili.

Archie Albaño castigated Robredo for her nerve to speak the word validate she did not validate the “palit-ulo” statement in the video to UN.

The nerve of this woman! Nagsalita ang merong integridad! May we remind her of the UN video message she had on palit-ulo??? Validate daw!!!

Meanwhile, Joram Borez couldn’t resist the urge to ask Robredo if she verified her electoral win over Bongbong Marcos.

naverify nga namin pandaraya mo sa balota na mga patay bumoto..tigas ng mukha mo gamitin yang salitang validate!

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