Ronnie Dayan: I accepted money from Kerwin for a senator

I accepted money from Kerwin Espinosa for a senator.

This is the statement made by Ronnie Dayan when sat down to answer a few questions from the local media after he was taken custody by the lower house of Congress today, November 22, 2016.

Dayan told reporters that Senator de Lima never contacted him over the phone even once while hiding from the authorities.

“Ni-isang text wala akong na-receive sa kanya.”

When asked by a female reporter if Senator de Lima did try to send an emissary to extend help, Dayan responded in the negative.

Wala Maam, actually pina-text ko sa anak ko, humingi ka ng financial kasi halos di na ako makakain, hindi nirereply Maam yung anak ko.

The lady reporter pressed on and continued throwing questions to Ronnie Dayan to squeeze more information  from the reluctant witness.

“Masama po ang loob nyo  doon?” the lady reporter asked.

“Medyo masama mo Maam pero di naman totally kasi wala din aking kubo sakali,” Dayan quipped.

A UNTV lady reporter took her turn and asked Dayan why he went into hiding, Mr. Dayan told the reporter that he will respond to the question during the hearing.

As to when he texted the senator, Dayan said he could barely recall the specific date but he said it was the time when he first received the subpoena and that he wanted to attend the Congressional probe.

Meanwhile, Dayan denied selling or using illegal drugs; he also denied knowing the Bilibid drug personalities.

However, Dayan admitted accepting money from Kerwin Espinosa 5 times in 2014. But that was it since by 2015, he resigned from his job.

He said he only did what Maam ( de Lima) asked him to do (received the money from Kerwin Espinosa).

Dayan also admitted that they lived together as a couple for 7 years under one roof.

On testifying against his ex-girlfriend, Dayan could only managed to smile but when pressed, he said he would answer the reporter’s question during the hearing.

What can you say about Ronnie Dayan’s installment revelation?

Credits to CNN Philippines for the video

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