Rowena Guanzon tweeted: I am an elected official; fellow lawyer rolls eyes: Akala ko ba Comelec Commissioner ka. Dapat alam mo ito

Former Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon’s gaffe on Twitter merited a Facebook post from a fellow lawyer, apparently to magnify her mistake and make her eat humble pie before the entire social media sphere.

Basically, Atty. Bruce Rivera took to Facebook to speak his mind about Rowena Guanzon’s tweet declaring she is an elected official.

Atty. Bruce said as a former Comelec Commissioner, she should know that party list representatives are not elected officials, but the party list.

Atty. Bruce reminded Rowena Guanzon in particular and the public in general regarding the concept of party list and that is representation. The people voted for the party not the personality or politician.

Atty. Bruce can’t help but comment that the party list in the Philippines is a huge mess because of the nominees like Rowena Guanzon who acts like they have the mandate when they don’t.

Atty. Bruce dared former Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon to run using her face and see if she can win.

Atty. Bruce ended the FB post by telling Rowena Guanzon how a braggart she is and yet her concept about party list is all wrong.


Akala ko ba Comelec Commissioner ka. Dapat alam mo ito.

You are NOT the elected official. It is the partylist that was elected and NOT you.

The concept of the partylist is representation. Ang binoto ng botante ang partido at hindi ikaw. Hindi din ang leeg mong morena.

Kaya nagkapeste ang partylist sa Pilipinas, akala ng mga nominees nila, they have the mandate.

Hindi po. Hindi.

It is the party ang binigyan ng mandato.

Subukan mo kayang tumakbo gamit ang mukha mo. Tignan natin kung mananalo ka.

Yabang mo. Mali mali naman ang konsepto.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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