Roxas calls Duterte’s joke on rape kahayupan; Duterte supporter accuses rivals of splicing video

A post lambasting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for making jokes on the rape of an Australian woman way back in 1989 has been doing the rounds online.

Roxas calls Dutertes joke kahayupan

Credits to Roxas and twitter

In a Facebook post shared 680 times and counting as of Sunday afternoon, Mar Roxas wrote the scathing remark by calling Mayor Duterte’s joke on the rape victim “kahayupan” or beastly act.

Seryosong problema ang rape. Anyone who laughs at the ultimate assault on the dignity of women should not be allowed to wield power. Ang babae ay may karapatan, hindi pinaglalaruan. Hindi ito katatawanan, kahayupan ito.

It can be recalled that on April 12 during a campaign rally held at Amoranto Stadium, Mayor Duterte made a faux pas by using the rape joke to stress his point that he is mad at the criminals but delivered in a clumsy way.

The infamous Duterte faux pas has been the subject of onlline bashing against Mayor Duterte that appeared to have made some of the Mayor’s supporters to question their support for the latter.

Rachel Amestoso, a known Duterte supporter wrote:

It is my embarrassing admission that I have recently felt It was a mistake to be rooting for Duterte. Rape is no joke. Just because you are celebrated by majority of the Filipino populace does not mean your offensive remarks are always excused.

Rachel Amestoso

Credits to Rachel Amestoso

Roxas supporters applauds his statement

Trina Kinney wrote:

All Filipinos all over d world deserve to have a decent, well-mannered, intelligent and competent leader. MAR ROXAS for President!!

King del Rosario wrote:

Expect “people” to twist Mar Roxas’ words again into a meme.

Beatriz Gonzales wrote:

I can only imagine with shame the feelings of the family of the victim.

Very very insensitive. Very un-Filipino. Ayoko ng pangulo na bibig ang ginagamit sa pag iisip. ( I don’t want a presidnt who uses his mouth to think.)

Norma Baltazar wrote:

If he should lead the country, isnt it pertinent for him to practice some tact in his remarks and present himself professional & respectable? That would be an added bonus to his leadership ability.

Cecilia Jose Ontiveros wrote:

So true! It’s really so disgusting to hear such joke come from an aspiring president with the so many diehard followers applauding him. Do we still have our values intact? I respect other opinion on this video so I expect my opinion be also respected. QUO VADIS, PILIPINAS?

Duterte supporters faith in him remain unshaken, though.

Khuji Perez Bago wrote:

Wala kasi silang makita maibato kay Digong kaya ngahahanap nalang sila sa mga video tapos splice,hehhehe (They have nothing against Digong. That is why they are trying to find old videos and splice it. Hehehe

Fe Asas Paguia Rufo wrote:

Haters gonna hate.,takot lng kayo manalo si Digong dhil ubos kayong mga kriminal at mga adik jan! Oh ayan matuwid na daan nyo anong nangyri sa NAIA?talamak ang mga nakawan ng bagahe kahit pacman di nakaligtas…yan pinagmalaki nyo mga Roxas? ( Haters gonna hate. You are just scared that Duterte is gonna win because all of you, criminals and drug addicts are going to face mass extinction. Oh yes “Daang Matuwid, what happen to NAIA? Stealing of baggage is rampan even Pacman’s brother was not spared. Is that what you Roxas supporters are bragging about?

Bogz Waji wrote:

Don’t judge the man on what he said as a joke in public, judge the man on what he brings justice to the rape victims.

Joel Saren wrote:

Si digong nga hero jan sa story na yan eh. Pina hostage nya sarili nya. Duh (Duterte was the hero in the story. He offered himself in exchange for the hostage. Duh

Bell Macatigos wrote:

Sinisiraan lng talga c mayor icipin nyo ilang linggo nlang election na at kaliwat knan umg paninira kau mayor It’s a dirty job against Duterte. Think about it. Election day is fast approaching that is why they are throwing mud left and right at Mayor Duterte.

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