Roxas’ supporter ridicule Duterte the DROPOUT, witty reply from a Duterte follower wins the debate hands down

A certain Geri Apostol is passing around a ‘MEME’ that compares two candidates, Mar Roxas and Rodrigo Duterte. The caption clearly highlights the educational background of the former, while the caption for Mayor Duterte says DROPOUT!

Mar's supporter has been posting anti-Duterte propaganda to discredit the latter's candidacy

The ‘MEME’ has generated a good exchange of words between the opposing camps. But the comment below is the best rebuttal from a Duterte supporter in my opinion.

The Duterte follower started his comment saying that he is an undergrad, but he is more successful than his friends with college degrees tucked under their belts.

Well, I’m a college undergrad. Only finished 3 years in college BUT I have good sources of income and I’m able to go to a lot of places. I am able to do more than what my graduate friends are able to do. I’m able to keep myself grounded.

His point?

My point? Kung sino ka mang nagdudunungdunungan kang nag post nito, hindi porket nakapag aral sa kung saang mataas na paaralan o unibersidad, domestic o international, ay mahusay na. Yan ba ang natutunan niya sa eskwela? Yung magsabi na “bahala na Kayo sa Buhay niyo.” O kaya maliitin ang mga bisaya sa pagaakala na ang mga bisaya ay hindi mahusay Umingles? So ganun siya timingin ng kapwa Pinoy? Pababa agad? Ito oara sa inyo Ken Roxas and Geri Apostol —– ..!.. — Isaksak mo yan sa Lahat ng butas ng katawan mo, butas butas naman mukha mo e…and obviously you got no brain, if you do, it has a large hole in it that even a Saulog Transit Bus would fit….


My point? Whoever is the smart guy that posted this, graduating from a prestigious school, be it overseas or local, does not make a person an outright expert. Is that what he learnt from school? The same person who said “bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo” (To each his own). Is that how he sees the ordinary Filipinos? Condescendingly? This is for you Ken Roxas and Geri Apostol followed by expletives. In parting the commenter further said, “And obviously, you’ve got no brain, if you do, it has a large hole in it that a Saulog Bus Transit (bus plying the Cavite route) would fit.

I agree with the guy’s argument here. A college degree does not make one superior to an undergrad. The perfect example I could think of is Bill Gates. The world’s richest man did not finish college. BUT, he is the most successful undergrad in the world. Same goes with Steve Jobs. I can cite many personalities in the world, but those two cool dudes would suffice in my opinion.

Here’s the video of the infamous Mar Roxas’ “Bahala na kayo sa buhay nyo” statement during a meeting with Alfred Romuladez, the mayor of Tacloban after typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc on the city.

What can you about the rebuttal of a Duterte supporter?


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