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“Saan napunta ang common sense, Mem?” — Netizen to Sen. Hontiveros’ insinuation Duterte admin delaying vaccine rollout for 2022 election

Staunch Duterte supporter MJ Quiambao Reyes wrote on Facebook that Senator Hontiveros is accusing the Duterte admin of deliberately delaying the vaccination program to use it to their advantage for the 2022 election campaign?

“GINAGAMIT AT DINI-DELAY daw ng administrasyon ang vaccination program para sa 2022 campaign nila ayon kay Aling Risa (Hontiveros).”

Reyes, in a sarcastic tone, remarked that must the reason why the Opposition critics of the Duterte admin had managed to jumped ahead in the vaccination queue.

“AAAAAH! Kaya pala mas nauna pa sa bakuna ang mga malalakas kumontra “

Turning serious, Reyes asked Sen. Hontiveros where the heck her common sense went?


Reyes countered that Sen. Hontiveros’ allegation makes no sense because further delaying the vaccination is counterproductive to the administration’s bets in the 2022 election.

“It does not take a genius to understand that further delay in vaccination and failure to respond effectively to the situation will be detrimental to this admin.”

Reyes pointed out to Sen. Hontiveros that there are 2 types of virus who benefit mainly in a delayed and failed response by the government: the politicians and subversive elements who will take advantage of the situation by using it to incite public anger and the few industries who are making as lot of money due to the pandemic.

“Dalawa klaseng VIRUS lang po ang makikinabang sa pag-delay ng bakuna at sa palyadong response sa pandemya:

1. Yung mga pulitiko at subersibong elemento na nananamantala at ginagamit ang pandemya at kahirapan para galitin ang mga tao laban sa gobyerno.

2. Yung mga mangilanngilang industriyang yumayaman ng husto sa pandemya.”

Reyes ended the brief FB post by taking a jab at Hontiveros.

“Alam na alam nyo yan. Kaya nga pilit nyo pinaniniwala ang mga tao na palyado ang gobyerno.”

Reyes FB post has created quite a buzz among her FB followers, generating 3,755 reactions, 217 shares and 210 comments in 12 hours on Facebook.



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