Sal Panelo quashes Leni Robredo’s quest for cooperation between Duterte gov’t & the Opposition quickly

Presidential Legal Counsel Atty. Salvador Panelo responds to VP Leni Robredo’s statement appealing for cooperation between the Duterte government and the Opposition.

In a statement, Panelo commented that the VP is calling for cooperation when in reality, it was Robredo who refused to cooperate. Panelo said that the VP has done nothing but criticize and nitpick. All she advocates has been implemented.

And then, if she was heaped with praises, if she does something good, she always likes the media to hang around. Panelo remarked it would have been commendable if she let the individuals who were the recipients of her charity to the talking…That Panelo said is the real cooperation.

It can be recalled that during Robredo’s latest address to the nation, the Vice President talked about the simple truth and that is, if we want to change the trajectory of the country, we need to face it, open our minds (alluding to Duterte admin) suggestions, all those who are willing to help because there is no other way to hurdle the challenge our country is facing but to cooperate.

Of course, the VP spoke those words in Tagalog.

Let us head to the comments of netizens to see how they react to Panelo’s response to Rorbedo.

Netizen 1 wrote that Panelo was spot on. The netizen said we cannot expect Robredo will be grateful to the people who cooperate with the government because she feels she’s not part of the government and yet is collecting her salary and even asked for a higher budget for her Office.

‘Tumpak Sec.Panelo wag na po taung umasa na pasasalamatan nya ang mga nagkakaisa sa gobyerno feeling nya kasi hindi cya kasali pero sumusuweldo cya at napakalaki ng budget ng ipokritang Lugaw na yan’

Netizen 2 agreed with Panelo that Robredo should let the people talk about her good deeds, not her.

‘Tama po kayo Sec Panelo,hayaan ang taong bayan ang pumuri,sya kasi mahilig mag buhat ng sariling bangko. Yung mga suhestyon naman nya kopya lang din sa administrasyon.’

Netizen 3 called Robredo the national clown. ‘Pambansang payaso.’

Let me end the post by leaving your with the comment of netizen 4.

‘She needs the media for her goodwill kasi fleeting lang ang effect ng pa-lugaw at pa-pandesal, by dinner time people have already forgotten her ayuda, most of which are donations.’

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Source: News5

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