“Petty & Shameless!” Radio host on Samar priest ‘s FB post ‘PRRD wanted them to leave plaza before Balangiga bell turnover ceremony starts’

While the return of the Balangiga Bells has been a historic and joyous moment for the Philippines in general and the Balangiga Samar residents in particular, it has also serves as a magnet of controversy.

In case you’re wondering what is latest controversy surrounding President Duterte versus the church, please read the FB post below from the Diocese of Borongan to give you an update on the matter.

Priests, including the Borongan bishop, the Archbishop of the Military Ordinariate (AMS) of the United States, and the Apostolic Nuncio, were earlier told to go out of the Balangiga plaza. Duterte only wants Archbp. Valles to be in the area. There was even the suggestion to the priests present to remove their Roman collars so as not to offend the President. Also, chairs were placed in front of the priests to cover them.


Meanwhile, radio host and blogger Mark Lopez condemned the anti-Duterte groups namely church leaders, media and the elites for spreading fake news versus PRRD.

In the Facebook post, Lopez accused the anti-Duterte groups of politicizing a significant unifying moment in our history to embarrass and undermine President Duterte before the public.

An obviously annoyed Lopez called the action of the anti-Duterte groups ‘petty and shameless’.

Lopez said the aim of the anti-Duterte groups is to make the public believed that the President and his administration is so petty and partisan but the truth is, the opposition groups are spiteful and small-minded.

Check out Lopez full post below.


The anti-Duterte Gang of Church, Media and the Elite are at it again, politicizing even a very significantly unifying moment in our nation’s history.

Below photo collage 1 showing how the anti gang tries to make up a story putting Duterte in a very bad light during the Balangiga Turnover.

Photo collage 2 shows the real time movement of the president with the clergy. There is also a video version of this.

It’s really enraging to see this kind of distortion and deception being rammed to us Filipinos by the destabilizers. 😡

What they want us to believe is that the president and his administration is so petty and so partisan, but the truth out there is that they are the spiteful and small-minded ones.

And so shameless.

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