San Beda alum & lawyer defends new presidential plane, says it’s not for exclusive use of PRRD, says gov’t officials can use it too

San Beda alum Atty. Bruce Rivera decried the ABS-CBN news article on the new presidential plane, calling it an example of what is wrong with bad faith in reporting.

Rivera clarified that the new plane is not for exclusive use of PRRD but for the use of the Filipino high officials as well.

Rivera asked what’s wrong with buying a plane for the President? Past Presidents had a ship and a helicopter and it was a non-issue. He said the problem of traffic in the Philippines is not the lack of transportation modes like buses, trains and the likes.

Rivera pointed out the problem is the lack of brain (intellect) of some Filipinos who are only good in criticizing and finger-pointing but cannot come up with intelligent solution to end the country’s traffic problem.

Rivera begs for understanding to those who will get hurt by what he was about to say, to please refrain from opening their mouths that big.

Why? Because the public sees the little meat that resides inside their skull, sort of beef stroganoff acting as their brains.

Rivera remarked that being judgmental is bad but for people who have a narrow understanding of the world, it is necessary to say the words to them:

Friend, the only cure for your malady is to keep your mouth shut. Not because people have mouths, its okay to use them often. Rivera ended the sentence with the word “please”.


This is what is wrong with bad faith in reporting. For the record, the government bought a plane not for Duterte but for the use of the Filipino high officials. Which means, he will only be using it until 2001. At anong masama dun. Past Presidents had a ship and a helicopter and it was never an issue. Ang problema sa traffic sa Pilipinas ay hindi kakulangan ng mga transportation tools like buses, trains and the likes.

Ang problem ng traffic sa Pinas ay sa kakulangan sa laman ng utak ng mga iilang mamayan na magaling bumatikos, magturo ng dahilan pero katiting na solusyon ay walang maibigay.

Pakiusap. Sa mga taong nasasaktan sa mga sinabi ko, huwag masyadong lakihan ang pagbuka ng bibig ha. Nakikita kasi namin ang mga maliliit na mga karneng aakalain naming beef stroganoff na nagkukunwaring utak ninyo.

Masama maging judgmental pero sa mga taong makitid at payak ang pag!-unawa sa mundo, kailangan ang garapalan na pagsambit ng mga katagang:

Kaibigan, ang tanging gamot sa kundisyon mo ay katahimikan. Hindi lahat ng may bibig, pwedeng buksan ito. Pakiusap, por favor….

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