San Beda law prof tears apart logic of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno’s defense against allegation of SALN irregularties

The PDI’s headline on Monday reads: “Why pick on me? Sereno says Carpio and others has incomplete SALNs,” have elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Lawyer and San Beda law prof Bruce Rivera’s reaction on Facebook totally demolishes whatever credibility left of Chief Justice Sereno as the highest official in the country’s legal system.

As the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, Sereno is supposed to be the brightest and sharpest in the legal world.

But CJ Sereno’s argument, as per Philippine Daily Inquirer’s article, completely disappointed lawyer Rivera.

A disappointed Rivera is bad as$!

Doubt it? Check out Rivera’s Facebook post dismantling CJ Sereno’s credibility using his wit, legal knowledge and sense humor.


Imagine this, coding ang kotse mo at nahuli ka sa Makati. Tapos sinabi mo sa traffic police, why are you picking on me? Andami kong nakitang kotse na coding din.

Another scenario, no left turn sa isang road, may nagleft turn na dalawang kotse kaya sumunod ka, pero ikaw ang nahuli dahil napansin ang kotse mong “Hello Kitty” ang design. Ang dahilan mo, why me? Others did it.

CJ Sereno, ang tawag dyan, pandadamay. It does not make it right. You named many people and therefore besmirched their reputations as well. People like Justice Carpio, ICC Judge Raul Pangngalangan, law dean Amado Valdez among others. It will never make you right. It only makes you a stitch.

Furthermore, did it even enter your mind that perhaps the reason the JBC relaxed their rule on the SALN to accommodate you and so it will shortlist you and enable PNoy to appoint you.

Netizen Imee Callao laugh her as$ off reading Rivera’s Facebook post. “Hahaha! I did not expect that from the Chief Justice. 😂”

Brent Dagbay remarked: “She’s showing the exact reason why she did not fair well in the psycho exams designed for Justices.”

Ray Satorre joined the bashing party: “Parang nahuli ka sa Jaywalking niyan tapos sasabihin mong sila din naman ah.””

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