San Beda’s Dean of College of Law on Duterte’s threat to use SAF if KADAMAY refuses to leave houses: “I am with him”

Columnist and blogger Tonyo Cruz explicitly endorses the takeover of KADAMAY members of the NHA houses in Rodriguez Rizal on Twitter.

He tweeted that leaving 114,000 houses to rot is wrong when millions were spent to build it. He also called the NHA “palpak”.

Dahil mali na binubulok ng NHA yung 114,000+ pabahay. Sayang pera. Palpak na ahensya.

Netizen JulianEnrique @Jojolab asks Tonyo Cruz if he was merely tweeting his opinion, not based on an existing law.

Tama ang pag-occupy ng Kadamay – Opinion lang yun di ba, Tonyo? Wala sa batas?

TonyoCruz @tonyocruz responded that it is against the law to let public housing units rot, it is wrong to deprive the poor of public housing.

“Labag sa batas ang pagpapabulok sa mga public housing units, at sa pagdeprive sa mga mahihirap sa public housing. Labag sa batas yung incompetence at pagpapabaya ng NHA. Wag po tayong choosy sa application ng batas.”

JulianEnrique @Jojolab lamented that if Duterte breaks law, people bitches about it. If we (people) breaks the law, we find ways to justify it.

JulianEnrique says this is what makes him disappointed. The rule of law, he says, is above and beyond the opinion of anyone, including Duterte and everyone else.

Pag si Duterte di sumusunod sa batas, ang lakas natin magreklamo. Pag tayo ang gumalaw nang di naaayon sa batas, ang galing natin mag-justify. Dun ako disappointed. Mas mataas ang batas kesa sa opinyon ninuman – kasama si Duterte at tayong lahat.

So who’s correct between the two gentlemen?

Let us defer to the experts, especially Fr. Ranhillo Aquino, Dean of San Beda College of Law whose Facebook post recently tackles the KADAMAY takeover of NHA houses in Rizal.

According to Aquino’s FB post, KADAMAY’s takeover of the NHA houses is illegal. Under the law, they are usurpers. And this is a crime. Duterte’s threat is nothing more than the threat of law enforcement.


They did it once — occupy housing units that were never meant for them. President Digong at that time tolerated it, even if it was clearly illegal and in violation of the rights of soldiers and policemen for whom the units were meant. They tried to do it again.

Let us be clear about this: POVERY IS NOT NECESSARILY ENTITLEMENT. That is starting to be a national fallacy. “I am poor therefore I have the RIGHT to this housing unit.” “I am poor therefore i have the RIGHT to admission into CSU even if my test scores show that I cannot do university or college work.”

So, when President Digong threatens with force the Kadamay squatters (let us stop all this crap about “informal settlers” — under the law, they are usurpers; the crime is usurpation of real property), I am with him, because I do not wish a proliferation of this fallacy. His threat is nothing more than the threat of law enforcement, and that is his bounden duty.

By now, its clear who is correct between the two gentlemen.

You may watch the video below, courtesy of GMA News.

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