Sandro Marcos speaks up on photo of BBM-Digong circulating online after supporters of the opposing camp called it “FAKE”?

Did you know the supporters from the opposing camp has dismissed the photo of the meeting between BBM and PRRD circulating on social media fake or edited?

Well, that’s what happened according to Atty. Trixie of the Luminous when they posted the said photo on their page recently.

To put an end to the debate whether the photo was fake or edited, Atty. Trixie took a screenshot of SMNI’s FB post wherein Sandro Marcos addressed the same issue on Twitter.

Netizens who read the FB post of Atty. Trixie of the Luminous have a field day making fun of the supporters of the opposing camp.

Netizen #1 commented that he is curious how Banat By is taking the news.

Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Banat By dito..ano na naman kayang ka-geniusan ang ipapaliwanag ng tuta ni isko..

Netizen #2 alluded the photo has no trace of onions.

Walang bahid sibuyas yan! Doon sa kabilang sulok…nangangamoy na SUNOG na kape, napakapait siguro non! Ahahaha 🤭🤫😜

Meanwhile, netizen #3 commented that PRRD is biding his time and will make the move to deliver the coup de grace to his political enemies.

Nakareserba lang yan si PRRD, waiting sa last baraha ng kalaban pag may nagback out at mag endorso ng iba. Yun public na pag endorso ni prrd will be their final nail to their coffins. Huling alas yan. Wag niyo muna ipilit.

Netizen #4 remarked that PRRD’s endorsement is very powerful, hence just a mere photo send the rivals of BBM in a panic mood.

Just goes to show the power of Digong’s endorsement. The nerve of these yellowshits masquerading as pinkshits. After all the rabid criticisms they heaped on this Administration they dare to dream that their moronic Loogs will be endorsed? Dumb and dumber group!

On Facebook, Atty. Trixie wrote:

O, ayan. Pinost namin kanina yung picture, daming umangal na naniniwala sa kabilang parlor.

Happy na?


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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