Sanofi Pacific head Thomas Triomphe senate testimony exposes former President Pnoy as a ‘liar’

While mainstream media continue to make a case that the Aquino family are honest and incorruptible, the senate hearing on Dengvaxia has shattered that image.

In the senate hearing on Dengvaxia, Sen. Gordon confronted Pnoy re: meeting between Pnoy and some of his Cabinet officials with Sanofi Pastuer executives in Paris, France in 2015.

Gordon asked Pnoy to confirm if Sanofi told him that the vaccine won’t work in all dengue strains during the 2015 Paris meeting.

Pnoy told Gordon he cannot recall all the details of the meeting.

When Gordon turned his attention to Thomas Triomphe Sanofi, Pasteur Pacific head, the latter wasted no time in confirming the veracity of the DFA transcript that Sen. Gordon possesses.

Meanwhile, Paula Defensor Knack made the remark that former President Pnoy could be nailed down with technical malversation case after the supposedly transcript of the senate hearing surfaced online.

On Facebook, Knack writes:


NO LESS THAN THE PRESIDENT went to PARIS to meet SANOFI HA EVEN WITH CLEAR KNOWLEDGE that it wont work on some strains AND WHICH THEY NEVER INFORMED THOSE VACCINATED. at kahit walang item sa budget, sige pa rin!

kapal nyo ha !

Whether Pnoy lied about being informed that the vaccine won’t work in all dengue strains or not, netizens couldn’t help but made a mockery out of the former president.

Aika Mendoza:

Kung ano pa ung pinakaimportanteng detail, un pa kinalimutan… tapos pinahalata pa niya na walang kwenta mkipagmeeting sa knya kc kinakalimutan lng dn pla niya ung topic pagkatapos… hahaha.

Jun Gajilomo:

What do you expect sa isang abnormal? Eh d kaabnormalan. Red horse pa more!

Mark Louie Adame:

Wahaha “hinde ko nanaman alam” reply nakakatawa talaga tong si Pnoy paano siya naging presidente

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