Santiago sisters, late Miriam and Paulas agree revolutionary government for Duterte necessary to fix the Philippines

Previously, former military rebel Abe Purugganan started an online petition urging Duterte supporters to give Duterte revolutionary powers.

The online petition is hosted on CHANGE.ORG and has gathered 1,623 signatures since it started.

According to online petitioner Abe Purugganan, “Our system of government cannot help us. It works against us. It cannot be harnessed to achieve real change. It is manipulated by the political opposition to prevent President Rodrigo Duterte from accomplishing his job. It is being used to oust him.

The only way to bring order in our political system and be able to pursue a real change in our country is through a revolutionary government.”

Paulas Knack, younger sister of the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago in a Facebook post agree that Duterte needs a revolutionary power to fix the problems of the country once and for all.

Knack revealed that the deceased Senator also advocated in declaring a revolutionary government to fix our country’s ills.

Doubt it? Please check the full text of Paulas Knack’s post below.

“My Reaction on posts calling for REVOLUTIONARY GOVT. (reposting of deleted post):

Though sincere and hardworking, if Pres. Duterte wants to accompish all his planned reforms, he cant do that under the present constitutional order without being caught in a legal quagmire. He would either need MORE POWERS OR ESTABLISH A REVOLUTIONARY GOVT.

The present legal order is just too cumbersome. The bicameral nature of our Congress is expensive, slow and produces little results. A revolutionary govt. would settle that and enable him to move forward. Sen. Miriam herself advocated a revolutionary government to reform government once and for all.

Otherwise the leader would be too busy answering critics, he/she cant accomplish anything anymore.

Such revolutionary govt. should only be for a limited period of time and its aims clear, transparent, and well advised. It should not be out of spite or revenge. Filipinos should see a clear design towards a peaceful succession of leadership once the goals are achieved and a new constitutional government is functioning. Otherwise, government eventually collapses. But in this period of revolutionary government, introducing federalism would be very difficult because it is an alien concept to Filipino culture and institutions take ages to take hold in society. I would prefer a revolutionary government for faster accomplishment of reforms rather than a revolutionary government for federalism. The laws that can be passed by regions under federalism might not be acceptable to a Catholic country. Remember that for some time homosexuals could marry in some states in the US but cannot in others.

Also, with federalism there would be need to change the structure, personnel, and functioning of govt. departments and agencies.

Hence, it would be very difficult to achieve everything in 1 shot. Achieving all in one shot is not easy. Shall we reform government of corruption first or shall we take on federalism too ? I think the latter would even be more contentious when we analyze the power of regions to pass laws and to decide the use of public funds. Remember, many provinces are run by dynasties.

Giving public funds straight to them would be the end of people’s taxes. Sen MIriam was right. There is also need to decide on the form of legislature. Achieving all in one shot is not easy.
(Photo at The Hague, lecture on Diplomacy and Norms of International Law with delegates of the Hague Academy of Intl. Law)”

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