Sara Duterte clever defense of PRRD following Risa Hontiveros argument, “Every time she attacks me, she validates my work” goes viral!

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and Senator Risa Hontiveros have traded barbs lately and netizens have a blast watching from the sidelines.

The verbal war between the two lady politicians is what you call an “on and off affair”; one day Hontiveros attacks PRRD or a government official and the next day Sara takes to social media defending her Dad.

The latest verbal sparring between the two lady politicians resumed when Hontiveros called on the PAO Chief Persida Acosta to step down amid the measles outbreak.

Sara being Sara wasted no time in shooting down Hontiveros’ resignation call via Instagram.

Sara Duterte said if there was anyone who needs to resign, it’s not Acosta but Hontiveros because ever since she had not said anything correct.

Sara Duterte’s Instagram post telling Hontiveros to resign did not make the lady senator very happy.

In an Inquirer article dated February 12, 2019, Hontiveros hit back at Sara Duterte saying, “I’m not the one with my head in my ass”.

“Every time she attacks me, she validates my work and vindicates my positions on important issues. Every insult from the Mayor is a reading on the barometer I can use, second to none, to confirm how effective my office is in advancing democratic interests and goals,” Hontiveros asserted.

While Hontiveros rejoices thinking she regained the upper hand versus Sara, Sara cleverly used Hontiveros’ statement to defend PRRD.

Following Hontiveros’ logic, Sara remarked her (Risa Hontiveros) attacks against PRRD admin are validations PRRD is correct and therefore he is vindicated.

Sara Duterte’s Instagram post reads:

Ai naku po, an attack is an attack. Don’t use attack, validation and vindication in one sentence. Otherwise, your attacks against the administration are validations to say that PRD is correct and therefore he is vindicated. And you still believe your head is on your shoulders? #dropmic a wall is a wall 🤣🤣🤣 at sa bawat banat mo ke PRD ay nasasabi ng lahat na tama si Presidente Duterte. #boom

As of this writing, Sara Duterte’s Instagram post has gathered more than 8,600 likes and growing.

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments from netizens on Facebook.

Rich Mags Hontivirus got Burned then Cremated🤣🤣🤣 Maawa ka sa sarili mo Hontivirus wag kana magreply dahil sa Impyerno na sunod na bagsak mo! Matindi si Inday magrebut

Denise Lim Hahaha! Yan kasi, di nag isip.
Smart talaga ng Mayor namin ♥️

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