Sara Duterte fires back, tells Robredo to avoid commenting on honesty and integrity. Find out why!

Sara Duterte versus Leni Robredo for President in 2022?

Well, it is too early but if the recent verbal war between Robredo and Duterte is any indication, it appears their PR handlers are doing a great job in positioning their respective bets for the 2022 presidential election.

But the bad news for the Robredo camp is Sara Duterte seems to be gaining the upper hand this early.

Just look at the size of the crowd that Sara Duterte can assemble everytime she accompanied the administration bets in their campaign sorties versus the crowd that attended campaign rallies of the OtsoDiretso senatorial bets which Robredo actively campaign for.

IMHO, Sara Duterte is also more articulate and a better debater than Leni Robredo.

How many times we feel like hiding our faces in embarrassment as Robredo basically telling reporters to forget the follow-up questions and just enjoy the food her staff have prepared during her own press conference?

Just recently, Sara swallowed Robredo alive, figuratively speaking, following Robredo’s comment that politicians running for national position politicians running for public office should have integrity and honesty.

Sara remarked Robredo can kiss her presidential ambition goodbye because she has none any of the two attributes that she wants to all politicians running for national positions to have.

Leni Robredo should avoid commenting about honesty and integrity. Her honesty has been questioned since day one of her term as Vice President. She is not called fake VP for no reason. She has tried to copy her late husband but has failed at every turn. She is facing an electoral protest for massive fraud during the 2016 elections. She has refused to answer allegations of her relationship with a married man. She may or may not get away with these but we all know she is not forthcoming in everything. The reason why good moral character is not a requirement to run for Vice President is because we have so many Leni Robredos in this world. And if she insists in saying that you have to be honest to run for public office then she must say goodbye to her dreams of becoming President.

Lovingly yours, Inday Sara

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