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“Sara Duterte in favor of ABS-CBN franchise extension is f*cking brilliant.” — Ex-DLSU Prof Van Ybiernas

Sara Duterte in favor of ABS-CBN franchise extension is f*cking brilliant.

This is how ex-DLSU Professor Van Ybiernas reacts to the news report that Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte backs ABS-CBN on franchise issue.

Ybiernas remarked this is proof that Sara is her own person. Digong is different from Sara. “Patunay ito MULI na Sara is her own person. Iba si Digong, iba si Sara.”

Ybiernas reason that if ABS-CBN’s franchise is extended, Sara will come out as the good girl because it will appear she was the reason why President Duterte changed his mind and decision. “Kapag na-extend ang ABS, bida si Sara kasi magmumukhang siya ang dahilan kaya napabago ang isipan at desisyon ni PRRD.”

Otherwise, at least Sara did her part. “Kapag hindi na-extend, at least she did her part.”

Ybiernas reckoned, that no matter is the outcome of the ABS-CBN franchise issue, this issue can never be used against Sara in 2022. “Kahit ano mangyari, hindi na pwede gamiting isyu yan laban sa kanya sa 2022.”

Ybiernas said this is not going to hurt politically. Even the anti-ABS-CBN will still give vote for her because she is Sara Duterte. “Wala naman damage ito kay Sara kasi kahit yung anti-ABS iboboto pa rin siya kasi siya si Sara Duterte.”

Ybiernas called Sara Duterte’s move “Brilliant!”

Let us head to the comments of netizens and see if they agree with former DLSU professor Van Ybiernas.

One netizen said that it looks like Madam Sara is a good chess player. “Mukhang magaling din maglaro si MADAM SARAH ng chess ah”

This netizen agreed with the above-commenter. “The opponents are playing checkers while Mayor Inday is playing chess.”

“Yes galing ng taktika grand master din si mayora,” another netizen chimed in.

Another netizen agreed with Prof. Ybiernas calling Sara Duterte’s move as brilliant. “And the decision is not even in her hands. She is playing her cards well.”

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Source: Van Ybiernas

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