Sara Duterte is effortlessly badass -Int’l relations expert writes on Facebook after video of motorcycle back riding Leni Robredo circulates online

Just because Leni Robredo rode a motorcycle in order to reach the Gen. Trias City Oval, the venue of her rally in Cavite, the supporters of Leni Robredo were all praises at the Presidential aspirant on Twitter.

Atty. Te, UP College of Law, borrowed Robredo’s line and tweeted about leadership and showing up in difficult times to take a jab at BBM.

Meanwhile, International Relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot took to Facebook, saying being badass cannot be contrived. Sara is a natural badass, Sasot argued. The tattoos, the biker chick image, social media savvy and even gave her children with badass nicknames, that’s what makes Sara Duterte real badass.

You may now read Sasot’s original FB post below.

Being badass cannot be manufactured. Sara is effortlessly badass. I mean: she has tattoos, a biker chick, social media savvy, she nickamed her children Stonefish, Sharky, and Stingray. She’s witty, funny, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. But when it comes to work ethic? O dear lord, she’s stricter than her dad. She is the very definition of ASTIG. Kita mo, tindig pa lang, alam mo nang masarap kainuman itong babaeng ito at sasakyan nya topak mo… Ito iyong klaseng boss na napaka strikto, pero kapag tapos na trabaho eh sya pa magagalit sayo dahil ayaw mo nang tumagay 😂😂😂😂💚♥️

It appears, netizens agree with Sasot’s description of Sara Duterte as the epitome of a badass woman, not the motorcycle back riding Leni Robredo. In fact, as of this writing, Sasot’s FB post has generated 12,240+ reactions in just 4 hours and counting.

One netizen commented:

Kaya d porke me sumakay ng angkas sa motor na pwede namang nag-tricycle na lang, Badass na. There’s only one Badass in the Philippines, Sara D. and we love her!!! BBM/Sara!!!!

Dont forget that she also has a pet bat at home my goodness she is so unconventional so refreshing.. 💚 added another.


Source: For the Motherland – Sass Rogando Sasot

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