Sara Duterte on Sen. Trillanes after his “I have no time” statement: “Hindi ako naniniwala dati sa sinasabi nila pero paniwala na ako!”

In 2003, a group of young and idealistic junior military officers launched a coup d ‘etat, popularly known as the “Oakwood Mutiny” to force President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to step down.

One of the coup plotters who left a good impression in the eyes of the public was then Navy lieutenant Antonio Trillanes IV.

Trillanes acted as the spokesman of the mutineers, whose tasked included giving interviews to news reporters or relaying the mutineers demands to the government.

In short, the spokesman’s role made the snappy and courageous-looking Trillanes an overnight celebrity.

In a country perpetually looking to find the leader that could articulate their sentiments against perceived corruption in the government, Trillanes just came at the right time.

Four years later, Trillanes ran and won a senate seat in the 2007 national election.

In the senate, Trillanes cultivated the image of a brave anti-graft and corruption crusader who started several senate probe against the Arroyos and her government officials.

After Duterte came to power, Trillanes continue to keep that image of a brave anti-graft and corruption crusader, who does not know the word fear, even against an enemy like Duterte with the reputation as the Dirty Harry of Davao City.

In fact, Trillanes have been throwing allegations after allegations against Duterte since day 1.

But now until his allegation still remain just that, an allegation with no legs to stand on under the intense scrutiny of the court.

Luckily for Trillanes, Duterte simply ignored him.

Trillanes being Trillanes, he said something to reporters, perhaps to taunt and bait Duterte to give him the attention he craves, that Duterte will push daughter Sara to run for President come 2022 as an insurance against possible lawsuits after stepping down from office.

Trillanes’ statement made another Duterte very, very angry. Not President Duterte but Sara Duterte.

A beast mode Sara told Trillanes to leave her alone. Otherwise, she will teach him a very costly lesson that will make him a billion peso poorer in 2022.

Sara’s social media post quickly spread like a wildfire. And before long, Trillanes called a press conference not to respond to Sara’s tirade on social media but to tell the public, “I have no time.”

In reaction to Trillanes’ pronouncement, Sara Duterte confessed that she refuses to believe what people have been saying about Trillanes, but things have completely changed now.

May time ka magpresscon pero wala ka na time kapag sinagot ka na. Hindi ako naniniwala dati sa sinasabi nila pero paniwala na ako, you are a coward. I do not know why you became a soldier and a Senator. Such a disgrace.

Netizen Froyland Capili says he has the same questions just like the Davao City mayor. “Ay pareho tayo ng tanong Mayor..pano naging sundalo yon?marunong ba magpapaputok ng baril yon?baka naman nagtititili yon kapag nakarining ng putok ng baril.”

As of this writing, Sara Duterte’s Facebook post has been getting a lot of engagements on Facebook, generating 1,766 shares, almost 11K reactions and 823 comments and counting.

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