Sara Duterte’s ‘maldita’ reply to Mariel de Leon’s “insecure and unhappy” tweet: Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo?

The exchange of insults between presidential daughter Sara Duterte and Mariel de Leon is showing no sign of ending soon.

While Mariel de Leon uses Twitter as her base to launch attacks against Sara Duterte, the latter is comfortable on Instagram and Facebook.

For the benefit of those who just read about the Sara-Mariel feud, the bad blood between started when Mariel criticized President Duterte’s war on drugs.

When Mariel de Leon exited early in the Miss International beauty tilt, Sara remarked that she had a “schadenfreude moment” upon hearing the news.

In retaliation, Mariel tweeted that if you find joy in the misfortunes of others, it just shows how insecure and unhappy you are with your life.

The self-confessed “maldita” Sara, once again took to Facebook to show Mariel de Leon that she is not someone who will walk away from a fight.

“Nase-schadenfreude kami, insecure at unhappy agad, di ba pwedeng tulad mo ay sadyang maldita lang talaga kami. Ano ika-insecure sa talo mo? Pinili ko maging lawyer hindi beauty queen at naipasa ko ang bar exam ng isang take lang. Ikaw ilang beses ka nga ba natalo? At take note, pareho tayo mataba, wala ka lamang jan. Juicekow. Di kami insecure at unhappy, that’s your freudian slip about your schadenfreude moments. Nase-schadenfreude lang kami kasi we are born pala-away, lalo na kapag inuunahan kami. Nakita mo yung kadami ng camera sa SMX, lahat yun recording with your comments and you making faces 👻👻👻 Lols. 📸 gladysss”

As of this writing, Sara Duterte’s post has been making the buzz online. In fact, the post has gathered thousands of shares, reactions and comments on Facebook barely an hour it was published.

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