#Sarcasm|Netizen lists Top 10 contributions of ABS-CBN to the Filipino culture after radio host asked netizens to name ’em

A certain Facebook netizen named Apple Jolo took the the dare of anti-ABS-CBN franchise extension advocate and radio host Mark Lopez to netizens to name the contribution of ABS-CBN to the Filipinos.

Jolo wrote on the wall of Lopez recently: “Sasagutin natin ang tanong ni SirĀ Mark Lopez. Ano daw po ba ang contribution ng ABS-CBN sa Filipino?”

Jolo went on to name her top picks in no particular order while dishing no-holds-barred commentary to justify why it made to her top 10 (actually 12) list.

Anne Curtis’ “No Other Woman” glorifies third party in a relationship sending the message that being “palaban” is okay. Sets the bar of Filipino movies to the lowest of standards. The teleserye Bagani was miserable, disrespectful to the real Bagani. Halik was inspired by Anne Curtis’ movie, “No Other Woman”. “Till I Met You” promotes premarital $Ex among young people. Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda needs no further explanation. Karen Davila teaches Filipino audience the art of being condescending and stupid 101. Watching Karen Davila and TV PATROL and ABS-CBN NEWS ONLINE share the same style. ANG PROBINSYANO’s r@pe scene involving a police woman and Cardo’s immortality earned it the right to make it to the list. IT’S SHOWTIME is an adult comedy bar humor with a noon time show slot. Rounding up Jolo’s list are KAMPANERANG KUBA, ANG PANDAY, MARINA where Filipino audience can dream of a world where we can be mermaids, fairies, vampires, and Marvel superheroes.

1. NO OTHER WOMAN ni Anne Curtis. Movie na naka-highlight ang pagiging palaban na third party. It catapulted the actress to stardom but it also set the lowest standards in films, and cascaded to teleseryes that feature immorality.

2. BAGANI — A miserable teleserye where characters are portrayed to have super power abilities. A disrespect to the real Bagani, an indigenous people with rich culture.

3. HALIK — Katas nalang yan ng sinimulan ni Anne.

4. TILL I MET YOU — Remember that scene where Nadine and James had sex inside a car?

5. VICE GANDA and BOY ABUNDA — No explanation needed. Common sense is used here.

6. KAREN DAVILA — How to be mapangmata and stupid 101.

7. TV PATROL and ABS-CBN NEWS ONLINE — If you watch Karen, you will understand.

8. ANG PROBINSYANO — Ginahasa yung babaeng pulis, tapos si Cardo immortal pa din.

9. IT’S SHOWTIME — Adult comedy bar humor na nilagay sa noon time show.

10. KAMPANERANG KUBA, ANG PANDAY, MARINA, and all those fantasy-based teleseryes where we can fucking dream of a world where we can be mermaids, fairies, vampires, and Marvel superheroes.


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Source: Apple Jolo

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