Saudi-based OFW decries LP’s selective justice, says sorry to Cebu rape/murder victim in behalf of Robredo, Hontiveros, Bam Aquino!

This is unprecedented!

A Saudi-based OFW named Snow Jestre said sorry to Cebu rape/murder victim Christine Silawan after leading LP politicians, Gabriela and the representatives of the church failed to visit her wake.

In a Facebook post, Jestre couldn’t help but highlight the striking contrast how the LP politicians behaved in the Kian delos Santos murder versus the Cebu rape/murder victim Christine Silawan.

Jestre remarked the LP politicians entered the picture in the Kian delos Santos case, politicized and milked it for their political agenda. Unfortunately for the opposition critics, the Kian delos Santos issue did not work.

Jestre lamented this wasn’t the case in Cebu rape/murder victim Christine Silawan because for some reason, LP politicians like Robredo, Hontiveros and Bam Aquino failed to show up in her wake.

Jestre called out the opposition leaders like Bam Aquino, Leni Robredo and Risa Hontiveros for their hypocrisy and selective sense of justice.

Gabriela and the church leaders weren’t spared either as Jestre called them out for failing to call for street rallies condemning the crime.

Jestre ended the post by also taking a swipe at the CHR whom he accused of protecting only the rights of criminals.

Check out the striking contrast of the burial of Kian delos Santos and Christine Silawan.

You may read the full post below.

First photo Kian Delos Santos burial (war on drugs/alleged)
Second photo Christine Silawan burial (raped, skinned, trachea, tongue and esophagus were also removed in the girls body)

Here you’ll see a similar event. The only difference between the two of them is that Kian’s case was sensationalized to the slightest detail. Itong issue na to ang laman ng news, tv, headlines, radio, atbp. It was even brought to the higher house for a thorough investigation. During the wake. Who were the audiences? VP Robredo, Sen Hontiveros, Sen Aquino, the high lords of the catholic church and many more to mention just to take the opportunity where they can dip their fingers on the issue. Where they get to blame the government for what had happened and grab the credit afterwards. Let me put in laymans term what was happening. “Pamumulutika”, YES, you read thar right. It was politicize for their own agenda, where they could benifit from the story. Sympathy was never present among those who mingled on the issue. See the audacity on these kind of people?

But for the young girl who was a church collector, eternal peace be granted upon your soul. Im sorry if your issue werent as big as what happend to the mentioned above. Sorry if there was no VP around and the other decent yellow senators to visit you, sorry if Gabriella was dead silent about what happened to you. I also apologize if the catholic institutions you were serving was silent on the issue unlike what happened to the kid above. Im also sorry if there were no rallies staged for you by political parties for their own agenda while they cry fake injustices. To the mother of the girl and to the family that is left behind, my sincerest apologies and condolences.

Ngayon alam nyo na kung gano ka hipokrito tong mga taong to. I wont call on the CHR, di nyo nman trabaho pra hanapan ng makataong karapatan sa nangyare sa bata. Kasi nga trabaho ng ibang ahensya pra hanapan sya ng hustisya. Protektahan nyo na lang ang karapatan nung pumatay sa kanya.

Your concern is human rights
My concern is human lives.


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