Sawsawera Queen RR Enriquez picks bone with Jaime Fabregas on mandatory ROTC: If you don’t know how to fight how can you defend your country?

Pinoy netizens can expect some fireworks if veteran actor Jaime Fabregas decides to respond to the FB post of Queen of Sawsawera RR Enriquez questioning his stance on mandatory ROTC.

ICYMI, veteran actor Jaime Fabregas is not in favor of mandatory ROTC because according to him, teaching the children to love our country won’t need us to send them to ROTC.

If children love their country, he will defend it with everything they have.

TV personality and former Wowowee dancer RR Enriquez immediately took to Facebook expressing her dissenting opinion to veteran actor Jaime Fabregas position on mandatory ROTC.

Enriquez said loving the country is not enough to defend the country in the event of foreign invasion.

In the event of war, Enriquez said love won’t defend you.

Enriquez argued the Bible even encouraged citizens as young 12 to train to fight (Army) so they can defend their country. Enriquez was talking about this very old practice in Israel which she said continues until today.

Enriquez urged Filipinos to learn the lessons of ants who store food so that when the typhoon or rainy season comes, we are prepared.

Enriquez reminded Jaime Fabregas that we are not Cardo Dalisay who have unlimited lives… That being said, Enriquez advised Jaime Fabregas to learn to separate his character from the movies where most of the time, he does not die.

You may now read RR Enriquez original FB post below.

Excuse me Sir!! I agree with you by teaching children to love your country. But loving your country is not enough…

If you don’t know how to fight how can you defend your country??

In the bible ang mga bata at the age of 12 (if I’m not mistaken tinuturuan na sila) And I believe even until now mandatory yan sa Israel..

If magkaroon ng gyera your love won’t defend you… And hindi porket walang gulo or walang gyera sa ngayon. Magpapaka complacent na tayo.

Gayahin natin ang langgam mentality.. Nag iimbak na sila ng pagkain habang wala pang bagyo. Para in times na dumating ang ulan or bagyo, handa sila❤️

Hindi po tayo katulad ni Cardo na hindi mamatay matay.. Ibahin po natin ang pelikula na madalas ginagawa nyo na hindi kayo mamatay matay…

Pero love ko pa din po kayo and I respect you because you are a legendary ❤️

#QueenSawSaweRRa #SawSawWithAHeart


Source: RR Enriquez

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