“Sayang boto ko sayo.” — PGH Doc on Senator Migz Zubiri following senator’s insulting remarks vs Filipino doctors

“Sayang boto ko sayo.”

This is the sentiment of a certain Ron Michael Castillo on socmed following Senator Migz Zubiri’s Facebook post wherein the senator insulted Filipino doctors by questioning their ability to treat covid-19 patients because of the high mortality rate compared to other countries.

Realizing his mistake, Senator Zubiri edited his FB post and remove specifically the line doubting the abilities of our doctors in treating covid-19 patients.

But unfortunately for Senator Migz Zubiri, netizens took a screen grab photo of his original post before he edited it.

In a Facebook post, titled ” Edit pa more…” Castillo corrected Zubiris’ wrong impression that the country’s hospitals aren’t using the medicines quoted by the senator against covid-19.

First, Castillo remarked that these drugs are already used in the Philippines in managing hospitalized patients.

1) These drugs are ALREADY being used here in the country for management of hospitalized patients with COVID19. Some of those you mentioned are actually included in the interim clinical practice guidelines ALREADY.

The drugs mentioned by Zubiri are used with caution because of its side effects.

2) These drugs have side effects and are given in calculated dosages and specific phases of the disease.

Castillo Accusing hospitals of not knowing how to treat covid-19 is an insult to all health workers who are making sacrifices to fight the disease. Besides, Castillo said the Philippine test kit is a testament of the brilliance of our medical experts.

3) Citing that hospitals “don’t know how to treat COVID19” is an INSULT to all health workers sacrificing their time and effort to combat this disease. Didn’t you think hospital experts and specialists have already done research on these matters? Kaya nga tayo nakagawa ng test kit, kasi our medical experts are always evidence-based, in-the-loop, and thinking ahead.

Castillo said that the drugs mentioned by Zubiri are no longer the trend because Filipino doctors are now exploring more sophisticated technique in preventing death from excessive reaction to the virus.

4) Those drugs you mentioned are so February 2020. The discussion in the scientific community nowadays is already at the monoclonal antibody / biologic levels (tocilizumab, anakinra) which helps prevent DEATH from cytokine storm (excessive immune reaction to the virus).

LAstly, Castillo scolded Zubiri for bypassing testing protocol.

5) You bypassed testing protocol even when you are ASYMPTOMATIC.

Castillo ended the FB post by exclaiming this, “Sayang boto ko sayo.

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Source: Ron Michael Castillo

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