Says netizen Noel Sarifa: “Leni Robredo is incompetent & appointing her as Dr*g Czar is proving to the people that the President is right.”

When President Duterte called Leni Robredo incompetent, only the DDS took the President seriously.

Three percent of Filipinos rolled their eyes and cursed President Duterte to the high heavens for his irresponsible remarks they say.

Robredo and Duterte critic La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras dedicated a four-paragraph FB post criticizing Robredo’s appointment to the anti-narcotics body calling it a huge ‘failure’ because it gives the Opposition the upper hand on the narrative. [Link here]

If there was one epic failure of this Admin, it is when they bluffed and offered Robredo a post. Now, the opposition has an upper hand on the narrative.

I may not be a campaign strategist, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that the intent to troll boomeranged big time.

Now, the only way they can spin this right is to claim that it was actually a sincere gesture.

But this will vex the BBM loyalists. And that is a very big chunk of the pro-Duterte base.

But Robredo’s latest statement, as far as netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa is concerned has proven one thing, the President was right when he said that Leni Robredo is an incompetent VP.

To prove his point, Noel Landero compiled some of Leni Robredo’s memorable statements, particularly on the w*r on dr**s.

Noel wondered whether Robredo was coached or not because he noted her statements has been inconsistent after her appointment as dr*g w*r co-chair.

Noel expressed fears that Robredo saying that there are no casualties on w*r on dr*gs and the next day, we will be greeted with the news of SAF44-like disaster.

You may read the original article below.

So what do we have here? Inconsistency.. Inconsistency.. she a joke? Or are we a joke dahil hinayaan lang natin na ganito ang nakaupong Bise Presidente natin?

Sabi nga ni Duterte, Leni Robredo is incompetent, and appointing her as Drug Czar is proving to the people that the President is right. Here’s the list of some of her before and after statement:

Before: Leni Robredo Ayaw patulan ang Hamon ni Dutete Maging Drug Czar
After:Tinatanggap ko po Ang Hamon ng Ating pangulo

Before: Not to Continue with Drug war
AFTER: I never said to stop war on drugs

BEFORE: may pa press presentation stating Statistics of drug war
After: Nagpatawag ng meeting para malaman ang Datus (so hindi reliable statistics nya before?

Before: Cooperate with UN
After: Issue should be resolved internally

And marami pang iba..

Is she making her own statements or just saying kung ano binubulong ng mga kaalyado nya kaya sala sa lamig sala sa init mga binitiwang mga salita?

So ano to, baka ngaun sasabihin walang casualty sa war on drugs, baka bukas may ala saf 44 massacre na? Hopefully not. Will we ever learn?

People of the Philippines, this is our vice president, second highest position in our country.


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