Says PCOO undersecretary after PRRD’s surprise NAIA 2 visit: “You better believe the horror stories in this airport will end.”

After hearing about frequent flight cancellations and delays, PRRD made a surprise visit at NAIA Terminal 2 at 2 AM this morning.

The President apologized to passengers for the inconvenience because of flight delays and cancellations and promised to do something about the problem.

Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo said PRRD instructed the DOTr to remedy the situation within a month.

The news of PRRD making a surprise visit to a government agency or facilities like NAIA did not surprise PCOO Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy.

She said this is what this President is all about because this is how he loves the Filipinos, in bir or small ways. PRRD wants to give comfortable lives to Filipinos and not want us to faint or die because of the apathy of public servants who are suppose to serve us well.

Badoy promised that the horror stories in our airports will end after the Duterte visit.

You may read Lorraine Badoy’s full FB post.

That’s our President. He RESPONDS to complaints.

And takes the trouble to find the real score.

You better believe the horror stories in this airport will end.

My #1 pet peeve that I’ve reported a LOT of times: just one or 2 immigration officers in the departure area so that the line SNAKES and I have seen women faint from fatigue.

Then when I make a stink about it as I always do, the response, over and over is, “Nagbe-break ho kami.” (at 8am!)

And it doesn’t matter to them that it’s a govt worker questioning them (the few times I let them know I work for govt.). They’re just so brazen, so indifferent–what I feel them saying is, “Go ahead, make a stink. What do we care?”

And it doesn’t get better. No matter how many times I’ve given them the evil eye and complained.

So see, the President going all the way there means it has gotten past breaking point. And he has heard.

So I can’t wait to see CHANGE here.

Shit though that it takes a Presidential visit for public servants to do their jobs.

Yuck. HIndi na nahiya.

THIS is what this President is about. THIS is how he loves us: in big and small ways. He wants us comfortable and not fainting from fatigue bec of apathy of those who should be serving us well.



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