SCARY: ISIS starts teaching 3-year-old kids to kill Christians

Kids are supposed to enjoy their childhood like going to a normal school or playing with other kids. But not the kids in an Afghan village where they are learning a different lessons in life: to kill and destroy instead of survival skills.

ISIS teaching kids to kill

ISIS teaching kids to kill

We’ve watched in horror how the ISIS unleashed their savagery on their enemies in Syria and Iraq especially against the minority Christians.

The carnage in Paris on Friday the 13th is just a glimpse of the kind of terror they are planning to export to other parts of the world.

Many of us are well-versed about this terror group. There are plenty of materials freely available online about them. But let’s face it, many of our fellow netizens are still in the dark about this terror group.

Fortunately, an Afghan correspondent working for Al Jazeera risked his life to produce a documentary that would give us an insight into the inner sanctum of the terror group. Many non-Muslims feared the ISIS due to the gruesome ways they kill the people they vowed to destroy and kill – the Christians they call infidels.

ISIS starts teaching 3-year-old kids to kill Christians

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