#schoolpatrolph School children wears life jackets to go to school in Bukidnon. Here’s why!

Before the advent of social media, gut-turning everyday scenes like this remain unnoticed in far-flung areas in the Philippines.

But things are different now!

The power of the social media to influence and exert pressure on our government has been proven time and again.

Remember school children of Barangay Lanipao, Iligan?

Look at the school children now! DPWH Secretary Mark Villar announced recently the completion of a new tight rope bridge so that they can go to school free from fear of plunging to their deaths.

Meanwhile in Bukidnon, Facebook user teacher Edelyn Lanutan Bebillo shares a heart-wrenching scenes of school children wearing life jackets to go to school in Bukangliwayway, Kibawe Bukidnon on Sunday, January 29, 2017.

Ms. Bebillo uses the hashtags #schoolpatrolph and #schoolpatrolphbukidnon on Facebook, to draw attention to the state of disrepair of their tight rope bridge that children crosses everyday.

And worse, the raging river threatens to wash out the bridge and the school children attempting to cross the bridge.

Netizens remarked that its a pity teachers have to cross the bridge just to conduct their classes.

Another commented that the thought of crossing the bridge gives her shiver.

The post has gathered 500 shares, 131 reactions and a few comments since it was published on Sunday.

If you have similar concern, you may send it to us and let us see what we can do!

Source: Edelyn Lanutan Bebillo

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