Secretary Alunan to Duterte critics: “You are part of the problem.”

A post decrying the Duterte critics who are already passing judgment on the current administration at this early is making the rounds online.

Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III on a Facebook post expressed his dismay towards the Duterte critics 13 hours ago, as of this writing.

Please check out the full text of the post below.

Critics of the past administration are casting their observations based on its full 6 years at the helm. They would be in a position to now make a valued judgement from the time it started to the time it finished; where it succeeded; where it failed; and where it began for others to follow through.

Critics of this administration are making judgements on its campaign against crime, drugs and corruption in its first two months in office, with 70 months to go. They’re still not in a position to make a judgement based on hypothesis and speculation. But they are. That makes them part of the problem.

Sec. Alunan’s view has gain the support of netizens and they expressed it via the comment section.

Paolo Oloap says:

Wait a minute, they have the facking nerve to compare their six years against Digong’s 58 days??? Hell their 1st year can’t even match Digong’s 1st day!

Jolly Dy says:

They are indeed a burden to this government that’s trying to make life better for the Filipinos. Shame on them!

Lope Miole Crave Jr. says:

It’s a fact. Very well said Sir.

Perla Mappala-Woo says:

Their end game is to topple this administration as they believe only they have the right to rule. No matter how sincere and productive President Duterte, they will find fault and besmirch him in every way they can. Otherwise they will work with him to eradicate drugs from Phil. forever as drug addiction affects everyone no matter what political affiliation they belong. But of course, under their watch they have allowed it to flourish, even blossom. The golden age of drug proliferation was their time. How dare this president stand up for his people and rescue them from addiction?

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Source: Rafael Alunan III


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