Secretary of State John Kerry on Duterte tirade against US: “No effect on US-RP relations”

The Duterte outburst against the United States has been blown out proportion by the local media but US Secretary of State John Kerry thinks otherwise.

Duterte critics even cited stock market’s data as a repercussion of the latest tirade of Duterte against the US and EU and the UN. Here’s what the FB group “Philippines Defense Forces Forum” says:

Foreign investors are pulling money out of the country’s stock market rapidly, riled by a series of remarks made by the acid-tongued Duterte against key ally U.S. and China that have cast doubts over the future of the country’s foreign policies as well as his handling of the economy.

Official data from the Philippine stock exchange showed the net foreign transactions on the benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) index fell every week between August 15 and September 16.

The Philippine peso dropped 3.37 per cent against the dollar during this period, while the benchmark index has been the worst performer in the region over a one-month period.

The PSE index fell 4.48 percent, compared to a 2.99 percent drop in Thailand’s SET and a 1.74 percent decline in the Jakarta composite index.

In a recent interview, Secretary of State John Kerry told the reporter that RP-US relations remains strong despite the Duterte attacks on the US lately particularly in response to Pres. Obama’s comment on extra-judicial killings and human rights violations as a result of the Duterte administration’s war on drugs campaign.

Kerry said he understands where President Duterte is coming from He said Duterte wants to eradicate illegal drugs in the country.

He shared his encounter and lunch meeting with President Duterte to the reporter during a visit to the Philippines recently.

According to Kerry, the cordial talks between them centered around the importance of the protection of human rights and following the rule of law.

I had a very constructive lunch with Duterte. I understand his very deep concern about knocking out drug traffickers, drug smugglers, and the negative impact they have to the nation.

As of late, President Duterte has been very vocal against the President Obama and the United States government and accused the US of meddling with the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation.

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Source: Bombo Radyo

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