See the difference when Australian nun was arrested in 2013 re Hacienda Luisita and in 2018 under Duterte admin

When the news of the arrest of 71-year old Australian nun Patricia Fox made the headlines, Duterte’s critics crucified the president on social media.

Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been on fire as Duterte critics denounced the arrest of the Australian nun, one netizen calling it as one of the tyrannical assaults on church people.

Senator Nancy Binay likewise adds her name to the list of politicians who condemned the arrest and detention of the Australian nun. [Link here]

The senator from Makati was even quoted by GMA News with the following statement:

“Apparently, the Bureau of Immigration used excessive authority in connection with the arrest of Sister Patricia, and has acted on a mistaken perception plucked from an imaginary threat.”

But did you know that the Australian nun was also arrested in 2013, along with a congressman and nine others investigating land redistribution on a huge sugar estate owned by the family of President Benigno Aquino in Central Luzon?

Yes, this is not the first time the Australian nun Patrician Fox was arrested in the Philippines.

The Australian nun was arrested for illegal political activities under the Duterte administration.

In 2013, she was arrested and detained due to illegal assembly, trespassing, direct assault and malicious mischief.

Thanks to RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy for sharing this discovery. You may check the link here for more information.

Credits to Thinking Pinoy for the meme.

Makes me wonder if the critics of Duterte who are making noise today would have been as noisy when she was arrested at the time of President Aquino?

James Wesley II sums up the sentiment of Duterte supporters on Facebook. “Ganyan talaga silang mga Dilawan.
Kapag sila ang gumawa ay legal kahit baluktot at kapag hindi naman nila kasama sa sindikato ang gumawa ay mali daw kahit nasa batas naman.

Tungkol din pala sa hacienda nila kaya pala nila pinaaresto. Tulad ng ginawa nilang panemersonal kay Corona.”

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